No, I’m not pregnant. In the future, I will refrain from posting anything about “news,” as it prompts a series of phone calls inquiring about the status of my womb. Unoccupied, y’all. And for reference in the months ahead, I think it’s going to stay that way. So, to put an end to speculation that seems to take place anytime we have ANY news, I feel the slightest bit sick, or I comment that I love babies — I’m fairly certain that we’re done. We love our babies, but our family feels complete.

Today is cleaning day at the Faulk house. How do you clean your house when you have two tots “helping” every step of the way? I try to do ours in phases so as to better accommodate the girls’ schedules, which usually stretches the job out over a few days… which means that the whole house never feels clean at the same time. I’m going to try and do it all today, though. We’ll see how well that works. Last night, the girls got into the green fingerpaint when I turned my back for just a second, so I’ve already technically started with the cleaning since I had to clean that up the entire art area after that little experiment. (Ana, who can’t stand a mess, kept holding green hands up to me, shouting, “Sticky, Mommy! STICKY!,” while Em kept licking her own hands and smiling the greenest smile at me. Praise God for watching over tiny little tummies! And shame on Mommy for turning her back for even a fraction of a second!)

We’ve got visitors coming in the next couple of weeks. My parents are either coming up tomorrow or early next week, and Wes’s parents are coming up the weekend of the fourteenth. I can’t believe it’s almost February! This week has dragged with the ice days, but for the most part, this month has flown by. I’m glad. I hope the rest of this wintery weather season goes just as quickly!

Wes is back at work today, even though the schools are closed and the roads are still slick. There weren’t any activities at the church last night because the temperature dropped below freezing after sunset, re-freezing everything that had melted in our few minutes of 32+ weather yesterday. He’s up there today to take care of the mail, finish up some sermons, and just be in the office for anyone who needs to come by. The temperature is already up to 25 degrees now, and we’re not supposed to get anymore precipitation, so things should only get better from this point on. We sure did like having him here at home with us… but I’m sure he’s glad to get back to a normal schedule. He had the extreme misfortune yesterday of being forced to change a particularly nasty Em diaper (Ana was having a moment and wouldn’t let me go), so that experience alone was reason enough to brave the elements this morning.

Think that’s it. Better get to cleaning…

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