Today is a good day. Wes is making enchiladas from scratch, and I’m sitting here watching him. Enchiladas were the first thing he cooked for me when we first started dating. I was housesitting for my sister and brother-in-law, and Wes came over that evening to keep me company, all the ingredients in his arms. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find my sister’s measuring spoons, so he had to guess on the amounts of the seasonings. He was super embarrassed when the enchiladas were sweet, not spicy, and ever since that night five years ago, he’s been trying to prove to me that he CAN make enchiladas. (He proved it the very next time he made them for me, but I’m not going to tell him this when the alternative is having delicious meals cooked for me every so often. That would just be stupid!)

My parents came up yesterday to visit with the girls. Ana was ready to go back to Texas with them and seemed very distraught when I told her that she had to stay with us. (My mother also seemed distraught. I have a feeling that Ana is going to team up with Gram and Nana on things like this every chance she gets!) My dad did our tax return while he was here. I really should learn to do this for myself… but he’s an accountant who spent his career working for the IRS. When you have that kind of help, why wouldn’t you take it, right? Anyway, we sent all of our paperwork off today. Last year, we built a fence for our backyard and replaced our garage door with our tax refund. In other words, we used the money to love on our house. This year, we’re planning to use the money to love on our girls. They’re growing up so fast, and while our inclination is to be miserly with every little cent that we get, we’re jumping out of our comfort zone and actually spending money to treat our children. (Gasp! I know! I’m shocked, too!) We won’t get these days back, and I know we’ll treasure the memories made together during this brief time in toddlerhood more than we’d treasure all the money in the world.

So, can you guess where we’re going?

I’ll admit it — the thought of getting on a plane to Florida with these two is not something I look forward to. But maybe that’s because the last time I was on a plane with them, we flew halfway around the world. Surely this won’t seem as horrific, right? I certainly hope not. I think the anticipation of what we’re flying to will be enough to keep them both in good moods. Ana has been watching little videos of the park online with Wes all day and kept asking me on our way to the grocery store this afternoon if we were going to “Mickey’s house.” Em is excited in her own way… which means that when I say “Yay, Disneyworld!,” she starts clapping her hands and squealing, too. Could she have a better personality, y’all?
Anyway, that’s the plan for right now. We’re waiting for the refund to come in before buying tickets and making concrete plans. I’m so excited to go on our first real family vacation. Last year’s day-cations were great, but I’m glad the girls are at an age where a trip like this is possible.
Anyone having a Super Bowl party tomorrow? I don’t even know who’s playing. As soon as the Cowboys are out of the playoffs, everyone around here stops caring. (I stop caring before the season starts. But that’s another story.) Wes bought some chips and dips for our little party. We’re still having evening services at the church, so by “our little party,” I mean just the four of us. And I mean about halfway through the game since that’s when we’ll likely get home. Chips and dips are good no matter what, though, so yay for that!
I hear Ana waking up from her nap, so I better go. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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