Ana is still battling the bug. Immodium failed to stop it all, so she endured four baths during the day yesterday, one after each diaper destroying, clothes soaking, floor dripping explosion. At one point, we were both covered in it, and as I tried to get her undressed to clean her up, she looked at me so pitifully and whispered, “Thank you, Mommy” before planting a clean little kiss on my lips. Oh, sweet bear, I would do this a million more times if you needed me to. (But let’s hope, for both of our sakes, that this is almost over!) Here she is, worn out and enjoying an episode of Dora…

Meanwhile, Emma seems to be fine. I keep waiting for signs that she’s caught it, too, but she appears to have missed it entirely. Praise God!

(She needs a haircut. I wouldn’t have thought we’d have to do it this early, but that’s the curse of really great, thick hair. Thank you, Papa Wes, for passing along those fab hair genes!)

In between giving baths and doing loads of laundry, I’ve been painting letters for the doors in the new children’s wing. Each color matches the color of chairs and tables in each room, and I can’t wait to see what they look like once we get them put up!

And Reese is still banished. I finally took pity on her and have been letting her in the house for at least a little while every day, closely supervising where she runs and sits. Luckily the weather has been wonderful, so BC has been spending a good portion of the day out there with her. Still, though, she looks so very, very sad…

(Yep, she’s still in a puppy pen. She’s still tiny enough that I think she could squeeze through some portions of the regular fence. And we’re not taking any chances of having her out and about in the neighborhood while she’s still in heat. Knowing our luck, she’d have a little romance with a lab or a Great Dane, and then we’d have short little horse puppies to deal with after we would likely have to pay for a doggy C-section. Again — you have to draw the line somewhere.)

Wes and I are still planning the Disney vacation, and we’re getting more and more excited every day. We found a message board/group online with lots of tips and advice for families with young children, and after perusing the site together for a while, we both determined that there is a whole population out there of “Disney freaks.” You know, people who go three times a year, have gone to all of the restaurants, have stayed in all of the resorts, know just about everything Disney-related, etc. We’ll see how this first little trip goes, but if our girls enjoy it as much as we think they will… we could very well turn into Disney freaks ourselves. It’s just been so easy to plan and so affordable. We shall see…

I thought the girls and I might attempt a little excursion to the grocery store today (I’m running low on laundry detergent after this weekend, if you can imagine that), but Ana is still not her normal self. I’m trying to give her a break from the immodium and plan on waiting until the first movement/explosion to see if we should even attempt to leave the house today. Bless her heart, I think it might be good to get Ana out in the fresh air for a little while. The stench of sick, stuffiness, carpet cleaners, and detergent is just hanging over our house right now. I’ve tried to neutralize the cleaning scents with our favorite candle scents…

… but even that starts to make the air stuffy again after a short while. I just want everyone to be well again so we can outside and not be stuck in this house all the time. Is that too much to ask?

And Ana has just filled a diaper. Time to investigate and determine what the next step is…

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