Marla Taviano and Her Books!

Those of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I’m a big fan of Marla Taviano and her books. Drawing from her own personal experiences as a young Christian wife and mom of three, Marla writes books about marriage and motherhood that are encouraging, challenging, uplifting, and full of laughs. Women of all ages receive encouragement from her words and are blessed by her faithful ministry. If you can’t find a title that sounds like good reading for yourself, then you surely know one or two (or MORE!) ladies who would be blessed to read one of these fabulous books…

From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife — In this book, Marla’s fantastic guide to the early years of marriage, brides-to-be and newlyweds will be blessed and encouraged to read about the adventures, frustrations, and joys that follow “I do.” You’ll laugh out loud at her stories and want to share her wisdom and advice with your girlfriends. I love this book so much that I’ve started giving a copy to every one of my engaged friends. (And I’ve managed to convince my pastor to give out a copy to every engaged couple he counsels. )

Is That All He Thinks About? — The simple answer is “yes.” And now that you know the answer, you should get this book and read all about it! Marla puts to bed (pun definitely intended) the misconceptions readers may have about intimacy within a godly marriage. Using Scripture as her guide, she shares God’s view of sex with readers, encouraging women to embrace (again, pun intended) complete and fulfilling intimacy with their husbands. A great book full of practical and fun advice for ANY woman!

Changing Your World One Diaper at a Time — New mommies, experienced mommies, “old” mommies, future mommies… they all need a copy of this book! Marla walks readers through that first year of baby’s life, from conception to toddler-hood, talking through the joys, challenges, struggles, and unexpected surprises. (Like when your one year old randomly pulls her poo out of her own diaper. Ahh… surprising!) You’ll find yourself tearing up, laughing out loud, and nodding in agreement throughout the pages of this treasured read. Makes a great baby shower gift!

Expecting — This is Marla’s newest book, and it’s the only one I haven’t read yet. (I just ordered my copy!) “Expecting” takes moms-to-be through the forty week journey to motherhood, supplying devotional thoughts, Scripture, journalling space, and developmental information about their baby for every step of the way. I’ve heard only wonderful, wonderful words about how precious this book is.

TODAY ONLY, Marla is donating all of the proceeds from book sales on her website to support an orphanage in Cambodia. To read more about her church’s ministry there in Cambodia, visit Asia’sHope. For a very low price, you can get a copy of any of these great titles (or two or three or ALL of them) and bless a needy child in Cambodia. You’ll be blessed to give and most definitely blessed to receive these fabulous books that I highly, highly recommend.

Thanks, friends. Happy reading!

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