So, this will be another picture post. Sorry about that, but the grandmas want pictures!

Ana and Emma came home last night, and Ana LOVED the room. (Even though the comforter set still hadn’t come in.)

She knew just what to do with the bed…

So did Emmy! (She was quite grumpy when I escorted her to her crib. Sad day.)

Bright and early this morning, the bedding arrived. Ha! Ana was even more excited when she saw her bed with the intended sheets, comforter, and pillowcase. (Although the personalized Oscar the Grouch pillowcase will likely re-appear, given her intense love for it.)

Ooohhh… aaahhh… Ana had to jump back in the bed to try it out. (And required Em’s assistance to do so, apparently.) Oh, and I’m not sure why she’s looking up like that. As vain as we Faulkettes tend to be (see my post on vanity for that story), she’s probably checking out those pictures of herself.

As you can probably tell from this picture, Em’s hair has been giving me fits lately. It’s always in her eyes! The great kids’ hair salon we took Ana to for her first haircut doesn’t have any locations in Oklahoma (of course), so I was fretting just this morning over when I could get down to Fort Worth to get Em’s first haircut done. Couldn’t I just take her to Supercuts? No, since I did the spectacular kids’ salon for Ana, I have to do it for Emma. What’s good enough for the first-born is always required for the second-born, y’all! (Is it just completely obvious that I’m a second-born?) We took a trip to OKC this afternoon for an entirely different purpose, and I kid you not — I spotted a kids’ salon from afar while we were driving, made Wes stop the car, and took Em in to show them just how desperate I was to be given a walk-in appointment. (These places don’t always let you walk in!) They brushed off a seat for her, and Emmy got her first haircut. Aww….

Ana screamed and cried throughout her entire first haircut, but Em was just completely mellow about hers. She just kept eating the sucker they gave her, grunting responses to questions and comments, and looking at me, while I was tearing up, as if to say, “Hair cut. Big deal, Mommy.” Sigh. Ana also got a trim…
We were in OKC to begin with because, as you may remember, we’re going to Disney World exactly one month from today. Yay! Just last week, Wes started feeling guilty that we had booked a lot of sit-down dinners that would appeal to us and not the girls. Okay, would appeal to HIM and not me and the girls, since the girls and I basically eat the same kinds of food. (Pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and grilled cheese. That’s our diet, y’all. That and the occasional can of Spaghetti-Os.) We had reservations on our meal plan to steak restaurants, seafood restaurants, etc, etc. Wes got on the dining line to unselfishly change his reservations to meals that the girls would enjoy — ie, character meals. One of the dinners he booked is for Cinderella’s Castle, where most little girls arrive in their princess garb for a picture with Cinderella. (Do you see where this is going?) While they have some play dresses, up until today, our girls didn’t have the fancy, poofy dresses that actually look like the dresses that the Disney characters are wearing at these character dinners. So, we went all the way to OKC today to the nearest Disney store to get them ready.
So, there you go. Picture post! Informative, exhaustive, inspiring. Well, maybe not inspiring. Unless both of my girls having bangs and being able to actually SEE is inspiring. Which it is to me!
There you go, grandmas! And anyone else who made it to the end of this post!

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