Ever have one of those weekends full of embarrassing moments?

Ana outdid herself yesterday morning at church. She started walking up to the front of the sanctuary for the children’s sermon, and as she was walking, her diaper fell to her ankles in mid-stride. She kicked it off (!!!) and kept right on walking with a big smile on her face. Everyone in the choir saw it happen (plus, oh, just about everyone sitting halfway near the front in the sanctuary), and it was a source of great hilarity for all. My only consolation in everyone seeing my child’s diaper fall off in church (AHH!) is knowing that every one of them has probably had a similar experience with their own children. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I managed to grab Ana before she sat her naked bottom down on the carpet (she was wearing a dress that she kept pulling up around her waist whenever she’d sit down — I know, could this get any worse!?!), pick up the wet diaper, and get both of us out of the sanctuary as quickly as possible. For the rest of the day, I had people coming up to me to tell me how they get such a kick out of Ana. Yeah, she’s a real kick in the pants kind of girl! Or NO pants, as the case may be.

We took the girls out for dinner and ice cream after the service last night. Emma was doing a great job eating her chicken strips when another church member offered her a spoonful of ice cream. I made the mistake of not letting her hold her own spoon (not wanting ice cream everywhere), and she started screaming. Not the whining, whimpering, crying kind of scream. The “call CPS and report this woman” kind of screaming. On and on she went. I tried to hold her, but that just made it worse. Finally, Wes took her and let her sit on his lap with her back turned to me… and she immediately cheered up. Break my heart, Emmy! Ana shared her ice cream cone with her, and she was just as happy as she could be. I think everyone in the restaurant gave me a dirty look, thinking that I was taking ice cream away from my child and forcing her to eat chicken. So, so, so embarrassing.

Today, I thought there would be no more embarrassing moments since we weren’t going to be leaving the house all day. Well, the doorbell rang during breakfast, and I opened the door to see one of our neighbors from WAY down the road holding Reese! We’ve been putting her outside with Buttercup, assuming that since she’s getting bigger and rounder around the middle that she wouldn’t be able to wiggle through any portions of the fence and no long needed the puppy pen. Well, I’ve since learned that I should never assume anything with miniature dachshunds. Apparently, our little Reese had been having a grand adventure and had ended up two houses down in our very kind neighbor’s beautiful backyard. (I’m sure she thought she had arrived in paradise with all the plants and greenery!) Luckily, Reese had her collar and tags on, so after a quick call to our vet, our neighbor was able to locate us and bring her home. I felt like the world’s worst pet owner. I didn’t even realize she was missing!

So, I’m just sitting here, watching Dumbo with the girls, and wondering what could happen next… I’ll be sure and let you know!

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