The Worst Boo Boo

So, on Saturday we acquired the worst boo boo yet. Emma took the two stairs down into the playroom on her face, and now she has a large cut/bump combo on her forehead to show for it. The two of us went grocery shopping Saturday afternoon while Papa watched Ana at home, and she made sure to flounce her hair back every time we passed someone so that they could see the evidence of my negligence. Of course, I’m not sure how I could have stopped it, seeing as how it happened so quickly, but… you know how it goes. Baby hurts, Mommy hurts. She spent about half an hour afterwards holding the boo boo bunny to the back of her head, which got Ana moaning about some invisible ailment she was suffering from, so that made me feel even better. (Didn’t I say it was Em’s forehead that was hurt? Yes, I did. And didn’t I say that she was doctoring the back of her head? Yes, I did. It was more about holding the boo boo bunny than it was about bringing relief to the hurt, apparently.) It’s looking better, but you can still see it. Poor Emmy…

On a happier note, all three of our bedrooms now have ceiling fans! We’ve been talking about putting in ceiling fans since we bought the house, but we figured doing so would involve hiring an electrician, which could get kind of expensive. The other night, only a couple of hours after I put her down, I went in to check on a crying Ana, who was completely drenched in sweat. She’s a super sweaty girl, y’all, even with the air conditioner on, and it’s bound to just get worse as the summer goes on. Wes watched some videos online about ceiling fan installation, and along with the help of a WONDERFUL church member, he was able to put three new fans in over the weekend. Woo-hoo! No more sweaty Ana! (At least not in the middle of the night.) Both girls are immensely excited about the fans, and Ana has spent the past two days periodically shouting, “It’s blowing my room!” along with “I so proud my cee-wee-ing fan!” So tiny, yet so very excited, y’all.

After spending the time, effort, and money it took to make the ceiling fans happen, we woke up this morning to find that the water heater was leaking. Woo-hoo! Home improvement seems to be a neverending journey, but it’s all good. The plumber came out and fixed what ended up being just a small leak in one of the pipes. We had envisioned needing to buy an entirely new unit, so we were thrilled. It was a small price to pay to keep the hot/warm water coming!

Speaking of warm, BC and Reese are loving the warm weather. They’re not loving the rain, though. Reese is particularly opposed to the rain and slumps over to the doghouse when it starts, shooting pitiful looks at anyone who peeks out to check on her. The other day, I went out to find that BC had jumped into the puppy pen, likely in an effort to comfort Reese during a drizzle. (Or to snap and growl at her. I’m not sure which.) How sweet! I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again — if we could clone BC over and over again, we would be insanely rich. Not only is she beautiful in dachshund terms, but she has the best disposition of any dog I’ve ever known. She’s great with children but most especially with toddlers, knowing when to just blend and not agitate (ie, when Ana is near) and when to jump and lick (ie, when Emma is near). Mass production of BCs… we’d be rich! Of course, there would be ethical issues in cloning her, so we’ll just have to make our fortune some other way.

I’m attempting to get some laundry done today while, of course, taking care of the girls. Wes is taking some time this afternoon to go over youth camp information with his trusty youth assistant (which would be me), so I better go and take care of as much laundry as possible before he comes home and needs my full attention. Or half-attention, which is all I’m able to give when the girls are up and running around. (I type this as Emma is sitting on the fireplace ledge, kissing a decorative giraffe statue that is NOT a toy and as Ana is now — right this moment — yelling at me from the bathroom, telling me what kind of business she’s doing. I live my life constantly distracted.)

Hope your week is starting out well!

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