An Ode to Em

I’ve been working on Em’s baby book. And I’m alarmed — ALARMED — by the amount of blank space I’m finding there. People told me that I wouldn’t be as good about keeping Emmy’s baby book up as I was about Ana’s, but I truly believed that I would do even better than I had the first time around. Surely I would do right by my second born! Surely I would remember every little detail of her precious newborn life!

Well… I tried, y’all. Really. But the blank pages speak for themselves, and I can’t even remember what she was doing yesterday, much less two years ago. Luckily, I’ve been blogging all of Em’s life. Here and there, throughout all of those posts, are snippets of Emmy’s development along with some very cute stories. Yay for blogs!
Looking back and reading over them, though, I’ve noticed how little credit I’ve given Emma in comparison to how much credit I gave Ana. You know what I’m talking about. Your first born was walking at six months, speaking full sentences (that you swear you understood!) at four months, and was practically a Rhodes Scholar before you got her out of diapers. How could the second EVER live up to that?
Well, the truth is that she can’t. Because even her sister couldn’t live up to what you SAID she did. You weren’t trying to deceive anyone. You just really thought the first time she took a step and fell flat on her face she was “walking on her own.” (The second born practically had to run a marathon before you’d count it.)
So, to make up for the lack of credit I’ve given my own brilliant second born, here’s a post for Emmy. Yay for all of the superior, quirky, weird things you can do, sweet bear!
I’ve narrowed it down to ten. My sweet Emma…
1. … can run backwards in high heels. (Which is even more impressive when she’s kicking a soccer ball while doing it.)
2. …. does a perfect imitation of an elephant sound. (Complete with her arm serving as a trunk.)
3. … always eats the fruit/veggie portion of her meals first. (And sprinkles fruit juice on the meat and dessert portions.)
4. … can read her own name and Ana’s name. (E-M-M-A spells, “Meeee!” And A-N-A spells, “Ahhhhnuuuuh.” That’s right, girl. It ain’t ANNA.)
5. … knows just where the sweet spot is on BC’s belly. (And has gained a lifelong dachshund friend because of it.)
6. … knows where Mr. PotatoHead’s assorted parts go and manages to not confuse ears for noses and vice versa. (Which is not easy, given Mr. PotatoHead’s disproportionate self.)
7. … always counts and remembers that there are thirteen steps from the parking lot to Papa’s office. (And that there’s a break in the hedges where she can run onto the church lawn and escape from Mommy!)
8. … enjoys pretending to be a mermaid in the bathtub. (Also enjoys drinking the bath water if Mommy isn’t paying close enough attention.)
9. … literally falls asleep within two minutes of lying down at night. (Some nights it might actually happen on the floor in front of her door, but still.)
10. … just starts laughing for no reason at random times during the day. Just thinking funny thoughts, I guess.
We sure do love you, Emmy! I hope we never forget these and so many more sweet and perfectly Em things that you do…

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