Oh where, oh where, has my dachshund gone…

… oh where, oh where, can she be?!
We discovered early last night that Buttercup was missing. Apparently, she heard that I had scheduled a dental appointment for her and decided to take her chances on the open road. It took us a long time to figure out how she had even gotten out of the backyard since the hole she dug under the fence (!!!) was more like a tunnel. (May we never again forget that dachshunds are bred to be burrowing animals, y’all.) We searched the neighborhood last night, called the vet, and kept looking in the yard, certain that at any moment she’d pop back up out of that hole.
She didn’t.
We’re hopeful that she was found last night, that someone took her in, and that today they’ll call the vet’s number on her rabies tag. We’ll let you know…

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