Back in Oklahoma…

… I think. We’ve crossed the state line so many times in the last week, last weekend, yesterday, etc that I wasn’t entirely sure what state we were in this morning when we woke up. Unless our house magically sprouted feet and followed us down to the Lone Star State, I think it’s safe to assume that we are indeed back in the land that is grand. Ahh
We packed the car on Wednesday night and left for Texas right after church. There was quite a bit of excitement just an hour into the trip when we happened upon a couple of deer… right in the middle of the road! I’m not sure who screamed the loudest — Wes, our brakes, me, or the deer. (Or at least I imagined that the deer were screaming. I know I would have been had I been in their hooves!) Through some miracle of modern engineering, Wes was able to skid past them going in two different directions. We were nice and alert for the rest of the drive down, as I’m sure you can imagine.
After a night in Alvarado at my parents’ house, we woke up bright and early and drove the rest of the way down to San Antonio. Wes’s great grandmother had come down from Oregon for a visit, and we wanted to be there when she arrived. Yes, you heard right — Wes’s GREAT grandmother. You would never guess that she’s in her nineties if you met her, and she kept up with her very tiny great great grandchildren during her visit. Here she is with three of them (I think Adam was in the other room when this was taken) — Ana, Hannah, and Emma.

(This picture was taken right before Emmy wandered into Wes’s grandmother’s bathroom, put half a roll’s worth of toilet paper into the potty, and was found, flushing and flushing and flushing, all to no avail. Why did she do it? I don’t know.)
We stayed in San Antonio until Saturday morning, when we drove up to Dallas for our niece’s fourth birthday party. Her birthday isn’t until September, but since her little baby brother was also due in September, my sister and brother-in-law thought it would be smart to celebrate a little early so that September was free and clear for little Connor to make his appearance. Connor, however, didn’t have plans to wait until September and was born the very next day. Wes and I were back in Oklahoma for church when we got the call that she was in labor, and on Monday (yesterday), after Wes attended an out of town funeral for the mother of a church staff member, we got on the road to Texas. Again. (We did pick a new, random way to get there which made the trip seem more interesting.)
Wes and I were both able to go back to the NICU to see Connor, who was by far the largest baby there. (And the cutest, of course, but I’m biased.)

The doctors have discovered a hole in his lung and believe that this is the source of his breathing problems. It’s supposed to be a common problem with premies (although I don’t think Connor qualifies as a premie at thirty-six weeks), and they’re trying to decide now which course of action to take in helping the healing process along. Kerry was able to hold him again last night while his bedding was being changed, and she and Chris spend a lot of time with him in his little corner of the NICU. No news yet about when he’ll be able to come home, but the doctors have said that it could be up to ten days. That’s nothing compared to the lifetime he has ahead of him, but having someone so tiny and dear to you in the hospital has not been/is not easy for Kerry and Chris. If you could continue to pray for Connor and his parents, that would be much appreciated.
We came back home late last night, stopping off in Denton to pick up some of our favorite food — Taco Cabana. It was every bit as glorious as I imagined it would be, even at that late hour. All of this road time has made us quite talented in the sport of car dining, and I was able to help Wes eat a steak quesadilla as we crossed the state line (again). A steak quesadilla with sour cream. And guacamole. Whilst I was eating chips and queso. Without making a mess! If car dining was an Olympic sport, we’d be gold medalists, y’all.
That’s about it for now. We have a church youth event at our house this weekend, so all that I’ve had to put off for the past week (laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc) probably needs to happen before we’re overrun by teenagers. Right? Right.
Hope you’re having a great week so far!

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