First things first — Connor is at home! He was discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and has been doing very well ever since, nursing without any trouble and contentedly enjoying his new surroundings. Thank you again for all of your prayers for him and his family! I’m hoping that soon/eventually/one of these days/before he turns eighteen that we’ll be able to go down and finally hold him.

Speaking of discharged hospital patients, Buttercup had her day at the vet yesterday. You might remember me mentioning that she was in need of a dental cleaning after the vet saw the condition of her teeth during her annual checkup. I took her in for the lengthy procedure early in the morning and got a call late in the afternoon informing me that four teeth had been pulled (!!!), that BC was now sporting stitches in her mouth (!!!), and that she would require antibiotics. This is what happens when you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, y’all! (And when your dog’s diet consists of sugary-sweet, ketchup-covered handouts from your toddlers.) I went to pick her up and was pleased to see how alert and comfortable she seemed to be coming out of the anaesthesia. Her teeth are squeaky clean (the ones she still has, at least), and her breath is just lovely. Who knew it was possible? She’s on pain meds in addition to the antibiotics, and she is totally loving how we put her doses in little bowls of milk for her to lap up. Because she deserves to be spoiled after being put through all of that!
We had a church youth event at our house on Saturday night. Wes started teaching the youth in January, and I joined him in June. Our church has been searching for a youth pastor for a while, but they took a break from searching over the summer. Wes and I LOVE working with the youth and have had such a great time hanging out with the kids, teaching them, and organizing events/functions for them. We have a full calendar for the rest of the year and… well, I’m kind of hoping that our church forgets all about looking for a youth pastor. Is that bad? I’m not sure how much of a role we’d get to play in this ministry if the position was filled, and I’d really miss all that we’re doing. Maybe they’ll just keep putting off the search… here’s hoping! Ha!
The girls and I have a few errands to run today, so I better get to it. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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