Uncle Chris

We were reviewing Ana’s AWANA verses with her last night after we came home from Texas. She had memorized the Cubbies version of Romans 5:8 earlier in the week without too much trouble. Which is why we were surprised when she recited it as follows — “While we were sinners, Uncle Chris died for us.” Turns out that she had no idea who this Christ character was as we usually just say Jesus. In her Ana logic, she must have figured out that we meant Uncle Chris, who she had just seen. (And who did NOT die but was in Austin watching the UT game. Which some folks here would say is worse than death. Eh.)

We started saying Jesus instead of Christ, and now, she has the facts straight. Which is a good thing for Uncle Chris, who probably doesn’t want Ana thinking he’s the risen Lord.

(And on a totally random note, I finally changed the settings on my comments. For all those who’ve told me that the site wouldn’t let them comment, I finally figured out why and have changed everything so that anyone can comment, regardless of whether or not you have a Blogger account. I know — you’re thrilled! All two of you who are still reading out there. Ha!)

4 thoughts on “Uncle Chris

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer, I do enjoy reading this.I hope I can add a comment now.I don't have much computer knowledge,but I'm learning.You do have much talent. Louise


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