… is still plodding along with this NaNoWriMo thing. 20,690 words so far.

… is reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” which hurts her brain with all of its time changes.

… is trying to convince her husband to go to India. (Short-term thing, not permanently.)

… is glad that there is no ironing waiting for her (woo-hoo!) but knows it won’t last, especially since her husband is wearing a button down shirt today. (Sigh.)

… is halfway finished with cleaning her house. Or maybe just 1/3, depending on what she does or doesn’t do with the playroom.

… is looking forward to taking the church youth group to see “A Christmas Carol” this Saturday.

… can’t figure out why she can remember the DC sniper shootings since she was in Namibia when it happened. (Are y’all SURE it was 2002? Because I remember hearing about it!)

… wishes that she had a giant chocolate milkshake to drink as she types this. Because who doesn’t need a milkshake at 9:30 in the morning?

… thinks it’s funny that most toddler sized clothing looks like maternity clothing. A & E look like two little expectant mommies in their smock-style shirts this morning — hehehe!

… is looking forward to going to Walt Disney World in January. AND seeing ALL the Faulks in their matching Mickey hoodies! (Because that’s much cooler than matching T-shirts.)

… wonders how it’s physically possible for Danny on The Biggest Loser to still be alive when he manages to lose seventeen pounds every week. (Seriously, what must his chemical balance be doing with such rapid weight loss?!)

… was glad to get to sleep in this morning, but the wake up was brutal. Two crawling tots on the bed, all up in her face with their morning breath and sloppy wet kisses. (Maybe that sloppy wet kiss was the dog. If so, EWW.)

… is counting down the days until her husband has to take her to see (in his words) “Fruity Moon” for her birthday. (Just glad they keep releasing these movies at the end of November, y’all, so I can use the “it’s my birthday” card.)

… thinks that the weather is finally switching over to cold. Or kinda cold. Is it ever going to get REALLY cold?

… is going to get off the computer and help her children with a Snow White puzzle.

… hopes that you have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Jennifer…

  1. Dominique says:

    I feel the same way about ironing. It is wonderful to put away the ironing board and have my husband's shirts nicely pressed, but as soon as I see him wear one of his button down shirts I think…I'll be ironing again soon. And I sigh just as you wrote.

    I would love to take a family mission trip to India as well. Would you be going with Wes if he did go to India?


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