Christmas Letter

So, I’ve been trying to write our Christmas letter. I usually get this done earlier in the season without too much trouble, likely because there has always been (until now) lots to recount from the past year. Here’s just a sampling of the events remembered in Christmas Letters Past…

– We got married!

– I finished seminary.

– Wes finished seminary.

– We’re pregnant!

– We had a baby!

– We moved to Japan… and we’re pregnant again!

– We had another baby!

– We moved to Oklahoma.

These are all things worth mentioning that were worthy of a Christmas letter. And really, that’s been the whole point of a Christmas letter for us — a way to introduce new family members, to share where in the world we were, and to let friends and family know just the really big news from the Faulk family. This year, though? Here’s all I can come up with…

– Ana potty trained herself. (Which was a huge deal for us, but I’m thinking that no one wants to read about this in a Christmas letter.)

– We went on our first family vacation.

– Wes spent every day working at the church, and I spent every day here at home with the girls. Just like the year before.

See what I mean? Booooorrrriiiiinnnnnnggggg. If Ana’s bathroom success is the headliner, I wonder if I should even do a Christmas letter this year.

How about you? Do you send out Christmas letters? What kind of fun things are you sharing in your Christmas letter this year?

2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter

  1. Pami says:

    If you're having issues writing a letter, do a photo collage and just put little captions underneath. (Although, you might not want to do a picture of Ana's potty training…)


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