Thank You for this Food

Ana went in with me to tuck Emma in, as is her custom. She normally prays for Em before I can finish pulling the blankets up around her shoulders, kissing her sister so sweetly on the head when she finishes praying. But on this particular night, she was extra sleepy and forgot, so I prompted her with, “Ana, are you going to pray for Emmy?”

She put her hands on Emma, closed her eyes, and said, “Dear God, thank You for this food. Amen.”

Seems Miss Faulk only knows two ways to pray — goodnight prayers and mealtime prayers. And exhaustion leads to some confusion between the two.

Either that, or Emmy was looking like a tasty little snack.

Hope you’re finding many things to be thankful for (sisters, food, or sisters who ARE food) as you prepare for the holidays…

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