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It’s early. Very early. I’ve been up for quite a while now. Everyone in our church is having surgery this week (or so it seems), so starting today, Wes is leaving the house at the crack of dawn every day to be at the hospital. I woke up early to see him off, and Ana woke up early because that’s what Ana does most mornings. (She and Wes apparently spend their mornings together in the living room, unbeknownst to me, as evidenced by Ana’s hands-on-hips rant this morning that, “Papi! You not in the living room when I wake up!”) Emma is still asleep, so she’s out of luck. Or maybe she’s the lucky one since she’s still snoozing. Hmm

As we had promised we would do, we took the girls to see The Princess and the Frog on Wes’s day off last week. (Technically, half day off since we had a church Christmas party that night. But a half day is better than nothing!) They didn’t take their eyes off the screen for the entirety of the movie, and as we were leaving, Ana kept saying, “That was awesome!” and Emma kept saying, “I see Princess and the FROG!” I think it was a hit. We enjoyed it, too, and highly recommend it to any of you who were on the fence about braving the holiday crowds to go and see it.

We had a dinner and party with the senior adults from our church that night, and by the end of the evening, the girls were so hyped up that they were running circles around the fellowship hall, screaming as they went. No one seemed bothered by this, so I just let them go right ahead. Ana and Emma loved riding on the church van to the restaurant and passing around gifts during a game later on in the evening. I’m really thankful for our church family and how much they love our children and welcome them at any event. I wouldn’t be able to be at any of our events if it was any different and would probably hardly ever see Wes as a result, so I’m REALLY thankful, especially during the holiday season.

We woke up early on Saturday morning to travel down to Fort Worth for my extended family’s Christmas. There were seven children there under the age of five, which meant that the gift exchange was a blur of paper, running tots, and squeals. We had so much fun, and the girls loved the time spent with their cousins and their second (third?) cousins. So much so that Ana started crying hysterically when we told her it was time to leave. Kendall kept telling her that it would be okay and that they would see each other really soon, prompting Ana to look at me and shriek, “We taking Emmy home, RIGHT?!” If she was losing Kendall, she was making darn sure that she wasn’t losing Emma, too! Oh, the drama. We ran by Target on our way out of town (because Target is exciting when you don’t have one within an hour’s driving distance), then picked up some Burger King for the girls to eat on the road. We weren’t even out of Fort Worth when Ana shouted, “All done!” and Emma added, “More chicken!,” so we had to stop again in Decatur to buy MORE chicken nuggets. About thirty minutes outside of Decatur, where there isn’t anything, Ana kept saying, “Ouchie, ouchie, ouchie!” When I asked her what was hurting, she said, while shaking her leg, “Holding in the pee pee!” Thus began some minor speeding on Wes’s part to get us to Bowie, where Ana just barely made it into the Dairy Queen’s restroom. Whew! While I was putting her back in the car so we could finally get home, Wes shouted, “Ew! I smell something!” Sure enough, even though she feigned innocence when asked point-blank if she had done some business, Emma had the dirtiest diaper of her life. In she and I went to the Dairy Queen, and thirty minutes after we had pulled into Bowie (TWO HOURS after we had left Fort Worth), we were finally leaving Texas. It was like the state wouldn’t let us go!

Anyway. We did finally get back home. Sunday was busy, and we concluded the evening with (another) church Christmas social. You know, I worked really hard to lose what weight I gained during Thanksgiving, and it’s a really good thing, because I keep putting it back on with every church event we have. Is there some unwritten law that says Baptist Christmas celebrations have to include extreme amounts of food? I need to research how the guy from Man Vs. Food does it — pigs out every episode, yet doesn’t seem to gain any weight — so that I can get through seasons like this. (Of course, it doesn’t help that I leave these events with a doggy bag. Like last night, for instance, I left with half of my dessert dish and what was left of a plate of someone else’s fudge. Do I regret taking the fudge? No. But I will likely regret it tomorrow when I step on the scale, after eating every last bit of that fudge throughout the day today. Mmmm…. fudge…)

We have laundry and housecleaning on the to-do list today, so I better get to it. This week is especially special since Wes and I will be celebrating five years of marriage on Friday. We’re really proud of that number, since five sounds like a long time to us. Of course, when we mentioned that we were having an anniversary this month to our church family, we discovered that there are many couples at our church who got married in December. Except they’re celebrating 39 years, 51 years, and — hold onto your hats — 63 years. Kinda makes five years seem like a mere couple of days. Even so, we’re planning on celebrating. Ana and Emma are going to Texas for the weekend so that we can go out by ourselves without worrying about finding chicken nuggets on a menu or finding a potty out in the middle of nowhere. Looking forward to that!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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