Crazy Conversations…

The girls and I heard an odd chirping this morning while eating breakfast. “Mommy, what IS that?,” Ana kept asking, until I ventured up a guess, “It sounds like a bird.” Then we were all jolted awake just a bit more when Emmy clasped her hands together, and looking out the window began to shout, “DIS A LIDDLE BIRDIE, MOMMY! OH, DA LIDDLE BIRDIE!!!” Sure enough, there was a little birdie, singing on the girls’ wagon, right in the middle of the melting snow. Ana began coming up with theories about the bird. “Oh, he’s so sad because he misses his mommy, and Mommy and Papi need to walk me outside and lift me up to the nest in the tree and I will give the birdie back to his mommy, and he will be so happy and she will kiss him and hug him!” When I didn’t respond to this immediately, she started saying it all over again, while Emmy continued shouting, “I LUV DA LIDDLE BIRDIE!”

Then, he flew away, and there was mass hysteria. Which, I guess, was the only logical conclusion to all of the birdie hype.

I open with that story to illustrate what life has been like this new year. It’s COLD in Oklahoma, so with the exception of a grocery store run and church, the girls and I haven’t left the house. (Truth be told, there have been a couple of days where they haven’t even gotten out of their fleece pjs.) Because we’ve got so much time here at home together, I find myself in a whole lot of crazy conversations. Take for instance the conversation Ana and I had about this morning’s Bible story, where Adam and Eve were cast out of the garden…

Mommy: Ana, who were the people in today’s story?

Ana: Adam and Eve.

Mommy: And what did they do that was bad?

Ana: Ate the fruit.

Mommy: Do you ever do bad things?

Ana: (whispering) I ate some blueberries.

Mommy: (whispering) No, you didn’t.

Ana: (whispering) I ate them all. (shouting) MMMmmm, blueberries!

(Methinks someone didn’t understand that the real problem was straying from God’s command and NOT the consumption of fruit.)

Mommy: Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Do you sometimes disobey Mommy?

Ana: Oh, yeah. I forgot!

Then, she went off on another tangent, so bizarre and off-topic that even Emma looked perplexed by the direction of her thoughts.

Em has had her own moments as well. Apart from saying full sentences that I can actually understand (who is this talking child and what has she done with my baby?!), she likes to think about my questions/requests and then respond with, “Hmm… maybe not.” I’ll ask, “Emmy, can you take this to your room?” “Hmm… maybe not.” Or, “Emmy, can you go give your Papi a goodnight kiss?” “Hmm… maybe not.” I really shouldn’t let her get away with it… but she’s just so cute when she says it!

Perhaps the greatest amount of verbal assault revolves around Walt Disney World. Not the trip, however. Last year, as you might remember, we potty trained Ana as soon as we came back home from WDW. We told her months beforehand that the diapers would run out while we were gone and that she’d have to wear panties when we got back. (You see where this is going, don’t you?) She told Emma the other day, “Emma, when we get back from Mickey’s House, you’ll wear panties like me!” I hadn’t planned on doing this, but now, Emma’s got it in her head that she’s nearing her last few weeks with diapers and is actually excited about being potty trained. This is probably an indication that she’s ready, isn’t it? I’m not looking forward to it. Can you tell? Emma, however, is thrilled and tells everyone, when they ask her about her vacation that, “Emmy no more diapers; Emmy POTTY TRAINED!” Oh, mercy. I can’t wait until she marches right up to Princess Belle at the Magic Kingdom and shouts this. You know it’s going to happen!

Other than fielding strange questions and trying to understand even stranger responses from my toddlers, I’ve been busy unpacking the Christmas gifts, reorganizing some closets (woo-hoo!), and just generally trying to stay warm in this frozen tundra that we call home. We leave for vacation in a little over two weeks, and we are SO excited about that! Wes and I have been working out to prepare for the miles and miles of walking that are ahead of us. You never realize just how out of shape you can get during snow weather until you stupidly do all three levels of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout and can barely move the next day. (True story.)

Hope your week is off to a great start…

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