… is glad that it’s 45 degrees outside instead of, you know, 10. (Or worse!)

… is loving the itinerary booklet that Wes made for our Disney trip. (And is super thankful that he was the one to do all of the meticulous planning and work involved.)

… loves the girls’ super sassy haircuts. (Well, they’re the normal haircuts. But they just look so sassy when they’re in the big chairs getting their hair done!)

… wonders why the minute/hour hands on Wes’s watch work but the second hand doesn’t. (If there was a hand that had to break, that was probably a good one.)

… has finally caved and given BC her very own people blanket. (She’s burrowed in it now, so warm and content.)

… was really excited about the “50 prints for 50 cents” sale at Snapfish last week. (It doesn’t take much to make me really excited.)

… has written 33,777 words on my new and improved attempt at a novel. (Can’t wait to finish it and, as a mentor once said, “paper my walls with all of the rejection letters from publishers!” At least I will have given it my best try, right?)

… just found the notes from our last church business meeting… and realized that I should have typed those up and sent them to the secretary about a month ago. (Just glad I didn’t throw them out!)

… has a box ready for Half Price Books for whenever we get back to Texas. (Twenty books to sell, and they’ll likely give me $1.49 for the whole thing. Oh, okay, maybe $2.14. Which I will give right back to them, with another twenty dollars for MORE books.)

… got the surprise of her life this week when Ana started writing letters out of the blue. (She told me, “Look, Mommy, I write your letter.” Sure enough, there was a backwards J, along with an A, an E, and a W. I give all credit to the Leap Frog Scribble and Write.)

… loves that Emma throws her bear out of the bed as soon as I leave her room after tucking her in. (So that she can call me back five minutes later to get the bear and give her just one more kiss. No, really, I do love this!)

… gets really annoyed when people attribute things to God that are NOT of God. (God doesn’t sit in glory, testing you and tricking you. To hint that He does is bearing false witness against His character.)

… needs to get less annoyed with people and realize that I, too, have not arrived when it comes to understanding who God is. (Really. Seriously.)

… is wondering how many diapers to take on vacation. (If only Emma could tell me how much business she’s going to do while we’re gone…)

… needs to get back to doing the laundry…

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