Random things overheard in the Faulk house so far this week…

– Ana to Emma, “Sister, you’re always so grumpy.” (Hello, pot. Meet kettle!)

– Emma to Ana, “Where her HEAD?!” (Princess Jasmine had a rough morning that day.)

– Ana to me, over Disney pictures, “Where was Vidia? She’s my FAVORITE.” (Leave it to Ana to love the only bad fairy in the bunch.)

– Emma to me, crying, “But I not sweepyzzz…” (Ahh, you can fight the naptime, but the nap is comin‘ for you anyway!)

– Ana to Emma, “You’re Alice. And I’m –” holding Wes’s slippers up to her head — “Big Moose.” (???)

– Emma to me, “Ana bitted my head!” (I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really hoping that she meant “hitted.” Which is worlds better than “bitted,” right?)

– Ana to me, in her bathroom on cleaning day, “Thank you SO much for cleaning this room!” (It’s nice to be appreciated every once in a while.)

– Emma to anyone who would listen, “Miss COOOOOACH…” (What with being “bitted” and put down for a nap, the girl was looking for Coach to save her.)

– Ana to Emma, laughing, “Emmy, you got dippin‘ sauce in your hair! That’s so SILLY!” (Not the word I had in mind, but whatever. Oh, and “dippin‘ sauce” is ketchup in Faulk toddlerspeak.)

– Emma, at bedtime, “Now, kiss me. Now, hug me. Now, pray me.” (So demanding!)

– Ana, to Wes, while holding a tape measure above her head, “I SO TALL!” (At an imposing thirty five inches, she sure is!)

– Emma to me, after I congratulated her on a huge potty victory, her hands thrown up in the air triumphantly, “Emmy is POTTY TRAINED!” (Well, not quite… but we’ll get there!)

– Ana to BC, pointing to an empty bowl, “BC, there’s your water. It’s PRETEND.” (BC doesn’t play pretend very well, just so you know.)

– Emma to me, giggling, every time she’s licked by BC, “BC kiss me, Mommy!” (Probably because Em demanded that she do so.)

What are some strange things being said in your home these days? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Overheard…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hannah: “I promise, I promise, I promise. Can I say “I promise.”” (I think she heard her teenage Auntie say this to her friends when she is telling an out-landish story.)

    Mom and Dad: “No, the Bible says not to say it…just say yes.”

    Hannah: “Ok. Can I say teeter-totter?”


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