Help Us, Baby Jesus!

Heard around the Faulk house lately…

– Ana’s snack time prayer… “Dear God, thank You for this popcorn. We go to the store next time and get blueberry pancakes. Help us, Baby Jesus! In Your name, amen.”
– Emma’s dinnertime prayer… “God, dank u foh Ms. Maggie, AMEN!!!” (Em tends to thank God for a different person every night, with the exception of that one time she thanked God “foh da cow and da milk.” That’s right — the cow that made the milk. Amen.)
– Ana to Wes, “You’re my prince, Papi.” Emma to me, in response, “Mommy, YOU my pwince.” Well, of course, I am!

– Me to Em, during a particular busy time at work for Wes, “You’re my baby.” Em to me, “No, I Papi’s baby.” Me to Em, “Yes, but you’re my baby, too.” Em to me, eyes blazing, little feet stomping, “NO! I PAPI’S BABY!” (Someone was really missing her Papi.)

– Ana to me, “I have a friend at church; her name is Ana. She likes me. She likes to chase me. And I like to be chased. And I can climb up the stairs, like a ladder, like this — one, two, three, four, five! I climb like the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Mommy, I like the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Hey! Where’s the beach?!” (No, there is no other Ana at our church. No, I don’t let Ana climb ladders. And, no, I don’t know where the question about the beach came from. This is how Ana talks ALL the time. Stream of consciousness!)

– Emma to me, after I explained that she was in my tummy a long time ago, “In Mommy tummy?! Dat SO SEEWEEE!” (Given that I was also toting around a newborn back then, it was indeed silly.)

– Ana, explaining the properties of a square to me, “It gots four evil sides.”

– Em’s response to the “no sweet” popcorn I gave to her, “Oh, Mommy… TANK YEW! Mommy, tank yew! I so HAPPY! Yummy POPcorn!” (She’s such a gracious little girl.)

– Ana, singing, “It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone, and I NEED you now… I said I wouldn’t call, but I lost the remote, and I NEED you now…” (This is only funny if you know the song and if you remember that we recently misplaced a television remote. Smart girl!)

– Ana, on our upcoming trip to Dallas, “I get to go see my cousins, Kendall and Connor. I miss them so much, and I LOVE my cousins and they love me and we will play!” Emma, very seriously, “No. See Uncle Chris!” We all have our favorites, y’all.

– Ana to me, 5am, “Mommy, Emma needs you.” “Why does Emma need me?” “Because she’s crying.” “Why is she crying?” “Because I turned on her light and said GOOD MORNING, SISTER!”

– Emma, hands on her face, surveying the mess of books and toys in her room, “OH, NOOOOO!!!” Ana, hands on her hips, surveying the same mess, “Sister, this is not very good.” Ha!

– Emma, singing a song about her boots, “T-O-O-T-S! Boots! T-O-O-T-S! Boots! In my fwog boots…” Ana, correcting her with, “No, it’s T-O-O-O-T-S! And we don’t got FROG boots, Emma!”

Hope you have a great weekend!

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