Kitchen Carpet, BEGONE!

Well, the tile project has been started at the Faulk house! That’s right — I no longer have carpet in my kitchen. Of course, I don’t have tile in there either, but the tile is indeed in the garage, ready to be brought in and laid down. Here are a few pictures, chronicling the process…

Ana and Emma, enjoying ALL their meals at the dining room table… which is in the middle of the living room. This is how all the cool kids are eating these days. Nice.

The fridge is ALSO in the big middle of the living room, which is super classy. Along with the kitchen trash can, which makes it even MORE classy. (None of this has affected BC, who you can see napping on her spot.)

Here’s a shot of the carpet, first thing this morning. We moved the fridge, only to discover that lovely yellow linoleum. Now we know why the previous owners threw carpet down.

Once the tile team got here, they discovered MORE yellow linoleum…. and discovered that it won’t come up without the use of mega-power tools, which is how they’ll begin Day Two.

No more carpet in the dining room! It looks (and sounds!) very different in there.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at right now. I’ll post pictures after Day Two…

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Carpet, BEGONE!

  1. Pami says:

    Once upon a time, that linoluem was “in fashion” and someone purposely chose it because they liked it! Always makes me wonder what people will say of the flooring/paint/home improvements we do these days…


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