Day… Three?

I think this was Day Three. Although since I’ve been prohibited from entering the kitchen, it feels like day three hundred. We’ve been doing dishes in the girls’ bathroom sink and eating all of our meals compliments of the fine selection of fast food in Duncan. “Compliments” suggests that we got it all for free, which we did not, which also means that we’ve been hitting every dollar menu and $3.99 for a large pizza deal we can find. (Who knows, though? This might be an improvement over my cooking! I’m not asking Wes because I honestly don’t want to know if it is.)

Anyway, I can’t complain because the floors are starting to look just like I had hoped they would. No more stepping out of the shower onto shag carpet and no more vacuuming my kitchen! Of course, there’s a whole lot of Swiffering in my future, but I’m looking forward to it!

The bathroom…

The other half of the bathroom… all that’s left is cleanup…

The kitchen/dining room! Just waiting on grout and clean up…

Day Four pictures of the (hopefully) completed project to follow soon!

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