Just Like… Cookies!

Heard around the Faulk house…

– Ana to me, “Mommy, I want to be just like you when I’m all growed up!” Emma to me, “I want cookies!” Because who cares about the future when there are cookies to be eaten, right? (I can’t say that I blame her.)

– Emma to me, “I the SLINKY dog. Pet my head.” She went on to give us all different Toy Story names. (I think I was Mr. Potato Head.)

– Ana to me, in hysterical tears, “You ate OOEY!” I thought we were pretending she had popcorn in her hand, not her imaginary, devious, baby alligator, Ooey. (I was able to convince her that Ooey jumped to safety just in time. Whew!)

– Wes spilled a drink at the table, but before he could get up to get a paper towel, Emmy whipped off her left sock and handed it to him. (She’s nothing if not helpful. And, no, we did not wipe up the spill with her sock.)

– One night while I was tucking her in, Ana listed all the people who love her. After she went through all of our church’s nursery and children’s department workers, I said, “Aren’t you forgetting someone?” She looked at me, confused, so I prompted her with, “Who takes care of you every day?” Her response? “Jesus.” (I didn’t correct her since she is absolutely right.)

– Em graduated from training pants to regular panties and selected a Cinderella pair to wear one morning. Unbeknownst to her, Ana was wearing a matching pair. On a routine two girl bathroom break, they realized this… Emma to Ana, “You got CINDERELLA PANTIES!” Ana to Emma, “They’re just like yours, Sister! We MATCH!” Thus began lots of hugging and jumping around. Could they be any girlier? (I’m writing this down so that when they one day complain about how I always dressed them alike, I can show them how thrilled they were with it, down to their little matching panties.)

– Wes caught Ana with an “illegal” paintbrush. When he asked, “Ana, where did you get that paintbrush?,” she put it in Emma’s hand and said, “It was Emma.” (As Wes said, it was as if we were back in the Garden, and Ana had said, “It was this sister you put here with me!” Fallen from birth, I tell you!)

– Ana to me, holding up a plastic piece of toy fruit, “Mommy, this here is a POISONED apple. Eat it!” Me to Ana, “Will it make me fall into a deep sleep like Snow White?” Ana to me, “No, it made Snow White dead. Eat it, Mommy!” (I can only hope that she said this believing that Papi Wes could just kiss me back to life and that she didn’t actually want me to die. Hmm…)

– Emma, crying as I tucked her for a nap the other day, “It’s a mess! Mess, mess, mess…” She’s never too particular about how her room looks, but she knows I’m super particular and figured that this show of emotion over the state of her room would get her out of a nap. (It didn’t… but I couldn’t help myself from cleaning up her room while she fell asleep! Which was probably her plan all along, now that I think about it.)

– Ana (after a day when she and Em literally butted heads, Em stepped on her fingers, and she kept landing on sharp-edged toys), throwing her arm dramatically over her eyes and moaning, “EVERYTHING hurts me! EVERYTHING!” (And the Academy Award goes to…)

– Me to Em, “Ana’s your sister.” Em to me, “No, she my friend.” (Aww…)

– Ana to me, looking out the window longingly at a parking lot full of cars after I told her that we wouldn’t be stopping anywhere (because it was raining), “At least somebody is havin‘ fun on this rainy day.” Me to Ana, “Ana, that’s a funeral home.”
Hope you have a great weekend…

4 thoughts on “Just Like… Cookies!

  1. Shannon says:

    I LOVE when you post the things they say! It totally takes me back to when my girls were their ages…wish I'd written down their sayings too. 🙂 Ahhh, sisters…! 🙂


  2. The B's says:

    Okay…since you are doing the potty training thing and have two girls…how to you handle night time??? Emma turned 3 in Nov, is completely potty trained but at night no way…what do you do? I still keep her in diapers at night b/c she doesn't wake up at all. She still can't make it through naps without an accident. What do you do, How do youd o it?


  3. Jennifer Faulk says:

    I have no idea how to do the nighttime potty training. Our oldest figured it out on her own just as soon as she figured out the daytime potty training, but our youngest, who is doing well during the day, always wakes up with a wet diaper. I'm going to wait until she's completely potty trained and see if it doesn't just work itself out (which I'm hoping it will!), but if not, I'm going to try and wake her up at different points in the night for potty visits. I've heard some moms say that works… though my fear is that my Emma still wets at night because she sleeps so soundly that she doesn't know it's happening! (Which would render all the late night visits useless in the grand scheme of things, right?)

    Was that totally unhelpful or what? Maybe some more seasoned moms out there are reading this and can give us some good advice. I know I need it! 🙂


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