Anaisms and Emmaisms

And now, some Anaisms and Emmaisms for your reading pleasure…

– Ana, after yet another reading of Llama Llama Misses Mama (a book all about going to school for the first time), “Mommy’s gonna take me to school, and I’m going to play and not be sad because Mommy will come back!” Em to me, in a super serious voice, “I GO WITH YOU, MOMMY.” (I don’t think Ana will be crying when I have to leave her… but we may have to dynamite Em off my leg when her day comes.)

– Heard from the bathroom one day, “Sister, I have an idea! Let’s cut your hair!” (I’m thankful that I heard this and caught them before they could find a pair of scissors.)

– Emma rushed out of the playroom one day, crying. “Ana call me BUSTER!” Before I could figure out where Ana would have picked up the word “buster,” Ana came running in, yelling, “Brother! Come on!” Ahh, brother not buster. Not sure why this offended Emma, but the serious little frown on her serious little face made me laugh out loud. Which offended her even more than being called “buster,” so she went with Ana.

– While the girls and I were working out with Jillian Michaels via DVD, Ana plopped down on her behind, sighed, and said, “I don’t LIKE ex-ter-sizing.” Well, who does? (Emma, meanwhile, was in a perfect yoga position, laughing her crazy little head off. Someone apparently loves ex-ter-sizing!)

– I told Ana and Emma that I had booked BC a “room” at the “dog hotel” (ie, kennel) for the week we were going to be out of town. Ana was super miffed by this for some reason and kept insisting, “But BC can stay at my house!” (Because an unsupervised dachshund is a GREAT idea.)

– Speaking of BC, she snagged Em’s grilled cheese sandwich the other day. Emmy began yelling (naturally), and as I tried to coax the sandwich out of the dog’s mouth (not to give it back to Em but to save my carpet from doggy barf), it tore in half. As I was struggling to get the rest past BC’s clenched teeth, Emmy shouted, “GROSS, Mommy! No sandwich! GROSS!” Ana agreed, adding her own, “Pea-YUCK!” (This coming from the girls who once let the dog lick their cookies before they ate them. They weren’t so hoitytoity about their food back then!)

– While discussing Ana and Emma’s upcoming trip to Dallas to see Disney on Ice, Wes and I were telling them about all that they would see during the show. Ana stopped us and said, “But first, we got to take a PLANE ride!” Bless her heart, she thought she was actually going to Walt Disney World! (Wes told her that this time, Mickey was the one getting on an airplane and coming to see her, not the other way around. This seemed to please her.)

– The girls have learned a new game — hide and seek. It’s a twist on the original, though. Both girls will sit in the same room and “hide” by closing their eyes. (I’m not sure how anyone wins this game, but they manage to spend hours playing.)

– I asked the girls what exactly it is that Papi does at work every day. Ana thought about this for a moment, then concluded, “He talks to a lot of people. And drinks.” Emma agreed, “He DRINKS! Drinks, drinks, drinks!” (I’m thinking this is how rumors get started.)

Happy weekend, y’all!

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