Clean Out the Closets!

So, I’m a stay at home mom today… a stay at home mom without children. When things are really crazy here, I always say that I would love a few minutes to myself. And then, when it happens, I’m left wondering what in the world to do. (The answer is always “clean out the closets.” Just so you know.)

We took the girls down to Texas on Saturday, where Gram and Gramps whisked them away for a wild weekend of Disney on Ice, cousin visiting, wildlife viewing, and picnic lunches. (Yes, they were going to get all that in!) I started missing them before they even left, when Emmy came into the front seat while we were parked and insisted on putting her head through the sunroof, despite the very strong winds outside. She’d come back down, giggle uncontrollably, then stand right back up again, squealing as she did so. Is there anything cuter than a two year old? I can’t think of a single thing!

Wes and I went to a wedding that evening, and because we were without child (or plural child, in this case), we stayed out late and actually managed to DANCE at the reception. This is really something worth mentioning since the last wedding we went to ended with us dancing with two very tired tots. (And by dancing, I mean that they squirmed/climbed/hung all over us.) It was a treat to dance with each other. I did mention (as did Wes) that watching weddings now makes me imagine the day when our girls will walk down the aisle on their Papi’s arm. I could imagine it even more clearly at this particular wedding since the bride and her sister are just about the same age difference as my girls. As much as I want Ana and Emma to stay three and two forever, I told Wes (and meant it!) that there is no part of their growing up that I don’t look forward to. Elementary school, preteen years, high school, college, and whatever happens past then — I’m so excited to see who they become. Isn’t that the greatest irony? That you can want them to stay just as they are and still anticipate who they’ll become? Sigh.

Can you tell I’m kind of missing my girls? Since I can’t write about anything but them!?!

And on a topic totally unrelated to my children (or at least I’m going to try not to mention them!), Wes had a Logos Bible software conference in OKC Monday and Tuesday. Since I found myself without certain little people to take care of (didn’t mention them!), I decided to go with him. And it was glorious. I spent all of Monday holed up in the hotel room reading, with the exception of the hour I spent in the hotel’s workout room. I have never, before this weekend, run on a treadmill, and the treadmill I happened to pick for my inaugural run was in between two gentlemen who (I kid you not) were running something like twenty miles an hour. My pride wouldn’t allow me to run slower than them, so I matched their pace step for step and am just barely alive to tell the tale. (I kept praying that one of them would stop, slow down, or just fall off the treadmill, but alas, they did not. I’ve since concluded that what I do is not “running” — it is merely “jogging.”) I don’t know why it’s easier to run outside, but I’m thinking that part of it has to do with the fact that I can run at my own snail’s pace in peace when I’m outside by myself. Hmm.

Yesterday, we checked out of the hotel, I dropped Wes off at the conference, and I explored the city. (The city that is known simply as “The City” by everyone up here.) Target, Half Price Books, Penn Square Mall, Ted’s, and a lot of miles in Edmond, where I kept getting lost. (I blame the GPS lady. Because I always blame the GPS lady.) Shopping isn’t nearly as much fun when you have no money to spend, but it was still relaxing to get in and out of the car without buckling and unbuckling car seats, putting wee ones in strollers, hunting up chicken nugget restaurants for wee ones, just generally trying to appease wee ones, etc. It was different.

We came home last night, and I picked BC up at the “dog hotel” this morning. She was as excited to see me as the vet techs were sad to see her go. They praised how sweet she is and how uncharacteristic that is for a dachshund, which is certainly true. Even more uncharacteristic, though, was the high strung way she acted when we got home, searching the house repeatedly and whimpering when she couldn’t find the girls. She even ended up in Emmy’s bed after a while, waiting for her. I think BC’s tolerance for their antics has given way to real affection for them over the last two years. For this, I am very, very thankful.

And now, I’m off to clean more closets. Sorry for the long post, but that’s what you get when the tots leave town. Hope your Easter weekend is wonderful!

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