Bubby Choo

– Emma to Charlie, “Hey, Bubby!” Wes to Emma, “His name is Charlie.” “No, I name him Bubby.” “You named him Charlie!” “His name Bubby.” Then, when Wes made the mistake of calling him Charlie Chew (because he does enjoy chewing), she said, “His name Bubby Choo.” “No, his name is Charlie.” “His name Bubby Choo.” (We give up.)

– Ana to Emma, who had some serious static frizz to her hair, “You look like a peacock.” Emma’s response? “Tank yew, Ana!” (She actually did look a little like a peacock.)

– Emma, from the backseat on a long car trip, after she had just eaten her own cookie, “I want Ana’s cookie.” Ana protested, so Emma amended her statement, “I want Papi’s cookie.” (And so on and so forth.)

– Ana to Emma, “But Papi SAID I’m the boss.” (This said after Papi did indeed tell her that she was the boss and not Charlie, who was trying to chew on Ana’s clothes. She took him to mean that she’s the boss of EVERYBODY.)

– Emma to me, any time we’re separated for more than a few minutes, “Mommy, I berry missed yew!” (This never gets old.)

– Ana to me, after thoughtfully studying the tile in the kitchen, “I don’t like this floor. I liked the carpet better. It had more colors.” (Yes, likely gross colorful food stains that wouldn’t come out!)

– Both girls, heads in the toilet (eww!), singing, “I’m dreaming, for the one my heart loves, to find me! Ah-uh-ah-uh-AAAAAHHH!” (Snow White had a wishing well — the Faulkettes have a toilet.)

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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