Would it be springtime without one attempt at a bluebonnet picture? I took this one in Bowie, Texas last Saturday, and if I do say so myself, it certainly beats last year’s picture, which was taken in the same general area but with nearly dead bluebonnets. (And just ignore the clear evidence that Emma picked a bluebonnet. They can’t prosecute her after she’s crossed the Red River, right?)

We took a break from Charlie-training (which is more like Wes-and-Jenn-training) this past weekend to go down to Fort Worth, where my cousin’s sons were celebrating their second and fourth birthdays. Since they’re really into trains right now, their parents had arranged for us all to ride a big train through part of downtown Fort Worth. We started in the Stockyards, an area that Wes and I frequented when we were newlyweds. The last time we were there, I was eight months pregnant with Ana, so this trip was quite different with two walking, talking children. I’m pretty sure we visited each and every ladies’ room in the Stockyards, talked to each and every cow, and heard various interesting comments about each and every display in each and every shop window. You’ve got to hand it to three and four year olds — they’re thorough in everything they do. The train ride, likewise, was filled with questions, and the girls really seemed to enjoy all of it, most especially the popcorn they ate on the way back.

Our potty training adventures continue on. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but seeing Charlie learn to do his business outside and, more importantly, alert us when he needs to do it, has seemed to help Emma. She’s beginning to TELL US when she needs to go… sometimes, at least. Between her initiative and my dumb luck at catching her right before she needs to go, we’ve been accident-free for a couple of weeks. Woo-hoo! I know this isn’t the end of the road, but I’m not spending every moment of my free time asking her if she needs to go potty. (Instead, I’m asking the dog. Which is different, of course, but alarmingly similar all at the same time!)

I’m having a garage sale tomorrow. Last time I did one on Friday, everything was gone before noon, but I’ve got Saturday clear in case I have enough to sell for two days. We were blessed with a new set of super nice dishes, so I’ve been boxing up all of our old dishes to sell this weekend. They were the dishes we received as newlyweds and have been using ever since, so it’s a little bittersweet to see them go. I’m keeping two of the mugs for that day in the far, far future when Wes and I are too old to even remember why those blue and yellow striped mugs are special to us. We’ve also got loads and loads of toddler girl clothing, so if you know anyone in the area with little girls, send them our way!

Sorry if this post seemed bland, but I’ve been up since 3am with the dogs. BC, for inexplicable reasons, decided that she wanted to drink half a bowl of water at that hour, and her loud lapping and assorted coughing sounds woke up Charlie, who bounced around the living room, playing tug-of-war with me until the girls woke up at 7. Which is when he promptly fell asleep, completely and totally exhausted. As was I.

Hope you have a great weekend…

3 thoughts on “Springtime…

  1. Jennifer says:

    i got the book last night!! (im sure it actually came saturday, since you know, mail doesnt come on sunday, but we were gone. ;-)) thank you so much!! i was so tired so i was just going to briefly look through it before bed. half way through i knew i needed to put it down and go to sleep. 🙂 im really excited about it, now just hoping (praying) i can get some enthusiasm from phil to give it a try. so much fun! did you guys do it with someone else or by yourselves?

    how did the garage sale go??


  2. Jennifer Faulk says:

    So glad the book got there! We just went through it by ourselves, which made it impossible to do the couples' date night, but we had a date night by ourselves to make up for it.

    The garage sale went really well! Almost everything sold, except for the dishes. We were done by noon!


  3. Jennifer says:

    that's fantastic!! i am so ready to get our stuff out for a garage sale, but i need to finish organizing and choose a date!

    gotcha. im thinking we will prob just do it by ourselves, but depending on how it goes, i may bring it to our sunday school class to check it out. 🙂 i told phil that we can start the activities in may so we end with the last one on our anniversary on the 22nd. figured that might be more motivational to get him to participate. 😉


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