… is posting a random picture of the dogs for your Monday reading enjoyment. No need to thank me.

… is amazed that Charlie can run two miles on the leash. And yet can barely walk without tripping over his own paws. Hmm.

… has booked the girls a Build-a-Bear birthday party in Texas. They’re pretty excited about the “bear store.”

… packed up the few clothes that were left after last week’s garage sale. Hooray for more money in the vacation fund!

… wonders if Emma will ever be potty trained. Sigh.

… changed three different light bulbs this morning. Why do they all burn out at the same time?

… loves making lists. There are three different lists sitting on the desk with me right this very minute.

… spent the morning drawing fish and tigers for the girls. And they were good looking fish and tigers, let me tell you.

… was tired of the NFL draft coverage after only five minutes of it. (Shhh… don’t tell Wes!)

… kinda hates being a pastor’s wife some days. Am thankful that I don’t feel this way EVERY day.

… is behind on scrapbooking again, thanks to the 100 prints for $10 deal. Can’t complain about those prices, though.

… loves how Charlie literally shakes with excitement when I get out his food bowl. Six cups of Puppy Chow a day, y’all!

… just had Wes pick out his own birthday gift this year. It’s easier that way.

… can’t wait to take the girls to see Toy Story 3 this summer. Can’t believe I was just seventeen when the first one came out.

… ate a whole box of Twinkies in one day last week. I’m as shocked as you are.

… has seen “Princess and the Frog” about fifteen times in the past week. If you don’t believe that, call me, and I’ll sing all the songs to you over the phone.

… wonders if my sister and brother-in-law would pay for me and the girls to go along with them on their vacation to Disneyland in a couple of weeks. Seriously, I would take care of all of the kids by myself so that they could rest and relax… think they’d go for it?

… is getting the laundry done in record time this morning. Almost done, apart from the cursed ironing that awaits me.

… is super excited for friends who are seeing dreams come true. Praise God for blessing us, just because. (And praise Him when He doesn’t! Praise Him all the time!)

… is trying to get excited about having a baked chicken breast for lunch while the girls enjoy leftover pizza. Gotta compensate for that box of Twinkies somewhere, y’all.

… didn’t have enough info for a blog post today. But this worked just as well.

… hopes you’re having a great start to the week!

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