Oh, Emma…

Some recent “Emisms” for your entertainment…

– Emma to BC, “Wanna see my Pull-Up?” Then, pulling up her nightgown and laughing hysterically at BC’s bored expression. (At least she was still partially dressed.)

– Emma, “Moh milk, pleeeze.” Wes responded by putting the whole gallon of milk in front of her, which she studied for a moment before kindly requesting, “Sippy cup, pleeeze.” (Problem solver, that one.)

– Emma to me at bedtime, two minutes after she had gone potty, “Need to go potty, Mommy!” Sensing some trickery, I said, “You just went.” Emma to me, “Okay, then I go in my PullUp.” Well, Mom, what do you say to that? That’s right — she got to go to the bathroom. AGAIN. (Emma – 1, Mommy – 0)

– Emma to Ana, raising voice and shaking her fists when Ana suggested that she do something she didn’t want to do, “NO TANK YEW, ANA!” (Polite even as her fists are ready to start pounding her sister. So civilized.)

– Emma to me, when I asked her if I could sleep in her toddler bed since she refused to let me out of her tight embrace, “No, Mommy. You gotta sleep in the BIG bed.” (Well, if you insist.)

– Emma, crying to me, after Wes had convinced her that Branson was much cooler than Walt Disney World, “I no wanna go to Disney World… I wanna go to BRANSON!” (It’s the Chinese dragons that she was most interested in.)

– Emma to me, covered in sticky rice, “I all done!” (Yes, indeed. Done with dinner AND with sticky rice for a while!)

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