Bye bye, Buttercup…

After I posted earlier today, I took BC out for her potty break and noticed that she couldn’t move her back legs. I brought her back in, only to watch her groan and whine, dragging herself into her crate with her front legs. Wes called the vet, made an appointment, and took her in this afternoon, where the vet explained the difference between a simple “slipped disk” and a more serious “ruptured disk.” BC was suffering from the latter and had indeed lost all feeling in the back half of her body. The vet told Wes that even after surgery, there was only a 15% chance of recovery and that based on the swift progression of Buttercup’s particular symptoms, it would be more humane to euthanize. We had prepared ourselves for this possibility and took the vet’s advice. Wes held her until she was gone.

She was such a good dog. We have so many good memories of the seven years we had with her. Even as I’m struggling with this very sudden turn of events, I’m thankful that we had the weekend to pamper her and that she wasn’t in pain when she passed.

BC, we sure are going to miss you…

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