A Happy Post

We’ve had so much sadness here lately that I thought a happy post was in order. Luckily, the girls have been great at providing the material. Enjoy!

– Ana to me, during Sunday’s sermon, “Jesus is God… and sometimes, He wears a white shirt.” (Indeed, He does wear a lot of white in our Sunday school illustrations.)

– Emma, on the phone to Gram, “I got a Band-Aid!” When Gram asked (on the phone, mind you) where it was, Em pointed to her nose and proclaimed, “Right here!” (I’m sure Gram knew just what she was pointing to.)

– Ana to me, her expression dramatically pained, “My tummy doesn’t feel good… chocolate milk will make it ALL better.” (Chocolate milk IS a cure-all.)

– Emma to me, “Mommy, I smush my finger!” Kiss, kiss. Five minutes later, “Mommy, I smush my finger!” Kiss, kiss. Five minutes later… (Always a different finger, though!)

– Ana, hands on her hips while standing on the back deck, “CHAH-LEE! GO POTTY! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!” (Oh, what must the neighbors think?)

– Emma to Wes, “Watch me dance!,” followed by her twirling in super fast circles with her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes closed. (Is this what I look like when she and I dance together?)

– Ana to me, while browsing through a James Avery catalog, “I need that bracelet for my wedding. And that for my hair. And rings for ALL my fingers!” (And here we thought the biggest expense for the bride was her dress — we forgot all about the loads of jewelry!)

– Emma to me, when our movie date was cancelled because the movie projector in our local theater was broken (seriously?) and I suggested we could go to Wal Mart instead, “I no wanna go there… I wanna go to Walt Disney World!” (Perhaps the vacation meter was a bad idea, as Emmy is now living every day in earnest anticipation of boarding a plane destined for the Magic Kingdom. Hmm…)

Hope you have a great weekend…

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