A Few Funnies…

Just a few (and I do mean FEW) funnies to start your week off…

– Wes to Em, while Charlie was wagging his tail, “Charlie is saying that he loves you, Emma.” Em to Wes, with a certain amount of “duh” to her voice, “Charlie no talk, Papi.” (I love my very literal Em.)

– Ana, in her loudest voice after a baptism at our church, “JONATHAN GOT WET!” (Because oftentimes, the most obvious observation is also the most fascinating.)

– Emma, frequently and never at a time that would make logical sense, “I luv da Twee Cabayairoooohs.” (Every conversation apparently reminds her of Panchito, Jose, and Donald.)

– Ana, sniffing a Vicks Vapor Rub-scented Kleenex, “Mmmm… smells like Gram and Gramps…” (I’m pretty sure that she meant they have the same tissues and not that they smell like medicine. But you never know!)

– Emma, “reading” a Bible storybook to Wes, “And dare is Jesus, ridin’ a camel.” Wes to Em, “Jesus cares for you.” Em to Wes, “Yeah. Be quiet, Papi.” (I guess since she’s expected to stay quiet while he teaches the Bible from the pulpit, she figured demanding his silence was permissible.)

– Ana to me, smelling my perfume, “You smell BEAUTIFUL, Mommy.” (This is infinitely better than her saying, “You smell disgusting, Mommy,” which she has also said. Something about this child and smells, y’all…)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday!

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