We Love Stomach Bugs!

As you might have concluded from my recent post, Ana and Emma are back home with us. We left home early Friday morning and met Wes’s parents in Alvarado, where my parents live. I brought along a WDW trivia book to help pass the time in the car, and after reading questions out loud to Wes for about five hours and seeing which one of us knows more, I’ve concluded that Wes knows way too much useless trivia. Seriously, if you want to know how many tons Spaceship Earth weighs, Wes is the man with the answer!

We got the girls home at around 8pm and quickly got them bathed and put to bed. Ana threw up a few hours later (welcome home!), so I brought her to our room where I could keep an eye on her as she slept. I’ve concluded that three people don’t fit comfortably in a queen sized bed after that fitful night of non-sleep for all of us. Ana insisted that she felt great the next morning, so I took her to the ladies’ brunch at our church. She snacked on Cheerios and was just generally a stick in the mud, prompting me to threaten to take her to Wes (who was in the building working on sermons) if she didn’t get a better attitude. Minutes after I told her this, she threw up again, making me feel like the worst mother ever for mistaking sick attitude for bad attitude. A couple of very loving ladies helped me to clean up the mess while I got Ana out of her dress and to Wes, who scrubbed her down with some handsoap in the church restroom and put his outer shirt on her. Because you can’t be picky in times like this. (Emma, meanwhile, didn’t even move from her seat since she was still in the process of eating her scones and drinking her juice. Glad at least one of them inherited my iron stomach and doesn’t even flinch at the sight of vomit. This skill will serve her well in the future, I’m sure.) We left soon after, bathed Ana at home, and set her up on the sofa, where she lounged, rested, and continued to insist that she wasn’t sick. We believed her until she drank half a cup of water and threw it up five minutes later. Nothing makes me more nervous than a child who can’t even hold down water, so we kept trying (and kept getting thrown up on) until right before bedtime when she finally kept half a cup down. Then, she woke up four times during the night. Not good.

After a day of rest yesterday, the great news is that Ana is back up to full speed. The bad news, though, is that Emma threw up this morning. I’m thankful that we were done with one before starting with the other. (I snapped this picture of her to show you that it’s true — these girls are beautiful even when they’re sick! Wish I could say the same for myself.)

So, it’s going to be an at home Memorial Day for the Faulks. Wes is off, and he’s going to go and get groceries for me so I can continue holding a very snuggly Emmy.

How about you? Any fun and exciting plans for Memorial Day?

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