So, Wes is at children’s camp… and we’re here at home. We decided that this was best since Charlie will be going to the dog hotel for youth camp and shouldn’t have to spend half of the month of June there. The girls and I have been having a great time together, even if Emma gets a perplexed look on her face every few hours and asks, “What happen to Papi?” No matter how many times I patiently explain this (or how many times Ana says, “Emmmm-UHHHH! He’s at CHILDREN’S CAMP!”), she can’t seem to remember the story behind his disappearance. This shouldn’t surprise me, though, seeing as how this is the same girl who frequently asks where BC is. Hmm…

And while we humans certainly miss Wes, we knew going into this that Wes would be most missed by Charlie. Wes, as you might have already guessed, is Charlie’s pack leader. Sure, he’ll listen to me and submit to me, but I know it’s only because I’m the Alpha Dog’s mate. (It’s true, y’all.) Charlie isn’t naturally dominant, so when Wes stepped up and became pack leader, Charlie said, in a way that only dogs can, “You da man, Papa Wes!” They run at least three miles together every night, spend some time off leash in our local park working on commands, and chase the ball in the living room until bedtime. Can you see why Charlie would feel a large void in his life without Wes here at home? The girls and I have been working overtime to fill that void by taking Charlie on some super long runs/walks, playing fetch with him in the yard, and working on his commands with him. He didn’t understand what Emma’s “sezzin” meant at the beginning of the week, but he’s getting it now, which delights her to no end. Both girls have been thrilled with the “stroller rides,” taken up and down and all around the neighborhood with Charlie running right beside them every step of the way. (Though they were horrified when Charlie pooped in the street and even MORE horrified when I picked it up with tissues and put it in a bag. I’m kind of horrified by it myself, but what can you do?) Our neighbors have been greatly entertained watching us, and we’ve gotten many compliments on how well behaved Charlie is. I’ve been so pleased to see how content he is, even with Wes gone, and am SO thankful that he’s gotten so much exercise in despite missing his nightly jogs. As I’m typing this, he’s lying on the living room floor, resting. Such a good dog!

I’ve been working on VBS during the day, studying up on what I’m teaching, and trying to decide what games we’re going to play for our review time. I’ve got the kindergarten class this year and the “preschool class,” which is basically my girls, who are technically too young for VBS but get to come because… well, where else are they going to go if Wes and I are both at VBS? Exactly. My niece, Kendall, is coming to stay with us for VBS week, and we’re super excited about having her. Ana can’t stop talking about all that she and “Cousin Kendall” are going to do, and Emma keeps asking when “Cousin Tay-toe” will be here. (I don’t know why she calls her that, but it’s stuck.) It’s going to be a fun and busy week!

Well, you would think I have something more interesting to post about, but between walking the dog all over Duncan and telling Emma for the fortieth time that Wes is at children’s camp, there isn’t much going on. That will change soon enough, as all of these June church events get rolling! (Wes would likely argue that they’ve already started rolling, as I’m sure he’s getting no sleep at night while bunking with a bunch of ten year old boys who are hyped up on snow cones and slushies. Gotta love Falls Creek refreshments!)

And with that, I think I’m ready to retire to my nice, quiet bedroom…

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