Destiny Wears A Tutu

Remember how I wrote that Charlie had a date with destiny? Then explained that destiny was not “a cute female German Shepherd” but rather a visit to the vet to have a little procedure done? Well, I’m totally a prophetess, y’all. Almost.

I went in this afternoon to get Charlie post-op, and as I was discussing his pain meds with the vet tech, a woman walked in holding a tiny little dog in a tiny little dog tutu and a tiny little dog tank top. (So not kidding about this.) The vet tech saw the dog and asked, “Is this Destiny?”

Sure enough, the dog’s name was Destiny. Destiny! If she had been a German Shepherd Dog and not a Chi-weenie (in a TUTU!), I would so have to go and play the lottery because I’m apparently right on, even when I’m just making a joke!

Of course, this whole incident begs the question… why do you dress a dog up in a tutu? Anyone have an answer to that one?

(Oh, and don’t feel bad for Charlie. This photo was taken right after he came home. Within an hour, he was hopping around like a giant rabbit, totally oblivious to all that had gone on today. Don’t you wish we as humans lived totally in the moment like dogs do?)

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