To the Point…

Busy, busy week. Went down like this…

Sunday — Church. Met up with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew. Ate lunch. Came home. Got peed on multiple times by a very excited Charlie. (Just for reference, fixing a male dog does NOTHING to his energy level except perhaps INCREASE it.) Went to church for block party. Watched Kendall dunk Uncle Wes in the dunk booth. Watched Ana dunk Papi Wes in the dunk booth. Watched Emma dunk Papi Wes in the dunk booth. Watched each of them do it all over again. Learned that three children are harder to keep track of at a crowded block party than two children. Went home shortly after getting there.

Monday — VBS, Day One. Discovered that I had overplanned because kindergarten students ask ten times as many questions as I figure they will and that the majority of my time would be spent answering these questions. Also discovered that they’ll listen for an indefinite amount of time if you use a puppet to tell the story. (Many thanks to Fergus the Frog, who was a major hit!) Went home. Convinced a half-crazed Emma that she HAD to nap, even if the big girls didn’t. Fixed tacos for dinner. Caught a late (for us!) showing of “How to Train Your Dragon.” Blew Kendall’s big-city mind when we took her to a two screen theater. Barely got the girls home before they all passed out.

Tuesday — VBS, Day Two. Answered another million questions. Pleasantly shocked by how well even the littlest ones could retell the Bible stories we were teaching. Lunch at the church, helping the youth out with a banner for youth camp. Watched the girls beat Austin and Calen (two of the youth) with pool noodles and bean bags while the rest finished up the banner. Dropped Emma partially into the potty (!!!), got her pants wet, and had to let her run around the church in her underoos and a shirt. (She was actually happier that way.) Went home. Blew up the huge swimming pool/slide combo for the girls to play in. Discovered while outside that Charlie had EATEN THE WIRES ON THE AC UNIT. Cut the pool party short when the air conditioner stopped working. Watched a movie in the living room with the girls, surrounded by fans while Wes tried to fix the wires. Called my parents and asked them to come to town a day earlier in case we needed to send the girls to a cool hotel room with them. Considered murdering Charlie but decided against it because he looked like he was sorry. (Kind of.) Walked Charlie three miles to get his wire-chewing energy out. Rejoiced when WES FIXED IT! Went to bed in a COOL house.

Wednesday — VBS, Day Three. Had kindergarten students practically crying over the plight of the traveling man in the Good Samaritan story. Amazed by the compassion of little children! Met Gram and Gramps for lunch, after they had some quality time with Charlie. (They learned that Charlie alerts you to his bathroom needs by barking, not by sitting at the back door. After they were all clear on this, they got along really well.) Put a very willing Emma down for a nap. Played with the big girls all afternoon. Enjoyed a quiet dinner with Wes while Gram and Gramps took the girls to eat. VBS Parent Night, where Kendall and Ana sang and Emma simply stood and stared at the audience. Kiddieland Park afterwards, where Ana and Kendall rode the Tilt-A-Whirl against our better judgment. (Wes to Ana afterward, “You were so brave!” Ana to Wes, “I not brave! I SCARED!”) Came home alone with Wes while the girls went to the hotel with Gram and Gramps. Watched too many episodes of Chuck (thanks to Netflix) before finally sleeping like the dead.

Thursday — VBS, Day Four. So, so tired. Met up with Gram and Gramps for lunch. Said good-bye to Kendall. Got the girls to nap without any coercion at all. Grocery run. Trip to the park at night to listen to the community band. Discovered that “Oklahoma!” from the musical is actually the state song. Thinks this is a much better song than “Texas, Our Texas.” (Sorry, y’all.) Shared a Snickers bar with Ana and Emma. Watched Ana get a taste of Mountain Dew. (She’s not a fan.) Got Ana and Emma home late and put to bed even later.

Friday — VBS, Day Five. Went by so quickly! Whole week did. Lunch at the church afterwards and clean up. Left at two o’clock to get snow cones for the girls. Hysteria ensued at the snow cone place because “I SO HOT, MOMMY!” Got them back to the church and calmed down. Went to the movie theater for Toy Story 3 and had to sit in the un-air conditioned lobby for an hour before showtime. (Many thanks to Charlie for preparing us for no ac earlier in the week.) Watched most of the movie with a lump in my throat because the inevitable conclusion to having children is that THEY GROW UP. Imagined those real life bittersweet days in our future as I kept putting Em’s 3D glasses back on her every five minutes. (Always accompanied by a Emmy-gruff, “Tank yew, Mommy.”) Am thankful that they won’t be grown anytime soon. Back home late (for us), dinner done, Charlie walked, and everyone tucked in.

Saturday — NOTHING. Or at least I’m hoping!

How about you? Is VBS over, just starting, or weeks away?

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