A Tale of a Sabarison…

Just a few Anaisms…

Ana, on what she’s going to do when she’s all grown up, “I’ll get married and drive and show people my Bible and paint a picture and teach and make a pie. An apple pie.” (In other words, she’ll do a little bit of everything.)

Ana, on the subject of where we should go for a local vacation, “I know! We should go to MEXICO!” (Local to Nana and Coach but not to us.)

Ana, after I asked Wes to get his iPad, “Pirates wear iPads.” (But only when their eye patches are at the cleaners.)

Ana, randomly, “Everyone loves Walt Disney World. And everyone loves Jesus!” (What is there NOT to love about either, right?)

Ana to Wes, “When I dance with you at my wedding, I’m gonna put a rose in my mouth. Just like Princess Fiona.” (We went and bought her a silk rose after she said this, and lo and behold, she DOES hold it in her mouth while she dances. Sassy!)

Kendall to Ana, “Taylor Swift is my favorite singer EVER. Who is your favorite singer, Ana?” Ana to Kendall, “I like Mr. Tony.” (Mr. Tony is the music minister at our church. Could she be any more like Wes if she tried?!)

Ana to me, concerning a Bible story she had heard, “They beat up that poor man and made him so sad… BUT the Good Sabarison came and SAVED him!” (And to think, the Jews in Jesus’s time didn’t even like the Sabarisons!)

Hope you’re having a good week…

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