Pedicares and Piggies

Ana to me, as I was laughing and repeating something that Emma had said, “Are you mocking Emma?” (When did she learn that word?!)

Ana to Emma, “We got pedicares!” (Pedicures because Mommy pedicares about her girls.)

Ana to me, “I will be Cinderella, and Papi will be His Majesty, and you will be my stepmother.” Emma to Ana, “What about ME, Ana?!” Ana to Emma, “You will be BC.” Emma to Ana, “YAY!!! BC!!! ARF, ARF!!!” (Okay, so obviously, I’M the only one who got the bad end of this deal.)

Ana to me, watching Miss Lisa’s husband, Mr. Eric, walk through the church kitchen, “Oh, look. There’s Miss Lisa’s daddy!” (A compliment to Miss Lisa… but not to Mr. Eric.)

Ana, preparing to throw a coin in a fountain, “I wish I could be a grown up!” Emma, preparing to throw a coin in a fountain, “I wish I be a PIN-CESS!” Immediately afterwards, Ana to me, “My wish did not come true.” Emma to me, “YAY! I’m a PIN-CESS!” (One wish granted out of two isn’t bad at all.)

Wes to the girls, “What do you like better — Papi or donuts?” Emmy, “DONUTS!” Ana, “PIZZA!” (Trumped by TWO foods, Papi Wes!)

Ana, talking about her birth (ie, her favorite topic), “When I was born, you wrapped me in a blanket and kissed me and said, NOW GO GET ME CHICK FIL A, PAPI!” (That last part said with a very mean, fierce expression and super scary voice. And we thought she was too young to remember how that whole scene went down!)

Emma, using her new favorite phrase, “Idoitmyself.” Me to Emma, “Let me help you brush your teeth.” Emma to me, “Idoitmyself.” Me to Emma, “Let me help you get down from that chair.” Emma to me, “Idoitmyself.” Me to Emma, “Let me help you clean up this mess in your room.” Emma to me, “Idoitmyself.” (Well, if you insist.)

Ana to me, when I volunteer to kiss her boo-boos, “That won’t make it feel better, Mommy!” (Have we grown past the age of medicinal kisses?! Say it isn’t so…)

Emma to me, after a stubbed toe, “Kiss it, Mommy! KISS IT!” (Ahh. This one still requires medicinal kisses, not just on hurt toes but on all “piggies” in the general vicinity of the hurt one. I’m still needed! Whew!)

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