Talking Tummies!

– Ana, waving a pair of safety scissors at Wes, “I’LL CUT YOU!” She didn’t mean this in the ghetto sense, but it sure did give Wes pause.

– Emma, arranging her food just so on her plate, “I made MICKEY MOUSE!” The girl can make a head and two round ears out of any food. Orange slices, diced pears, chicken nuggets, pancakes…

– Ana to me, “Are we gonna go crubin?” It took a long while to figure out that “crubin” is “cruisin,” as in a “cruise” and more specifically a Disney cruise. No, we are not gonna go crubin.

– Emma, after we told her that Charlie would nip her if she didn’t stop provoking him, “But I like it when he nip me!” Only made funny because, to prove her point, she then stuck her rear end right in his face. Charlie, unfortunately, did not “nip her in the butt,” but a lesser dog would have gotten a mouthful.

– Ana, when her tummy growled, “Oh! My tummy is talking to your tummy!” Me to Ana, “What’s it saying?” Ana, with lowered, gruff voice, “I HUNGRY!!!” That’s what I figured.

Till next time…

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