Of Hippos and Hulas… and Gram’s Papi

Emmy, shouting on a stroller ride, “I got a question!” Me to Emma, “What is your question?” Em to me, “I not talking to you. I talking to Ana.” Because Ana knows all the answers, while Mommy only knows some.

Ana to me, “Gram is your Mommy, and Gramps is your Papi. Mamo is Gram’s Mommy, and Chick is Gram’s Papi.” Well, my grandmother is a widow, but if Ana wants to think that her eighty year old boyfriend is my mother’s father… then, I’ll let her believe it. It’s just easier that way. On so many levels.

Me to Emma, “Do I like look Princess Belle? I have brown hair and always have a book in my hands.” Emma to me, “But you don’t have a yellow dress, Mommy!” And the yellow dress DOES make her a princess.

Ana to me, after a Bible story, “He should love God and be nice.” Me to Ana, “Can he make himself be nice and love God?” Ana to me, “NO! God has to fix his heart!” Ana Faulk, age four, theologian. (And a Calvinistic one at that!)

Emma to me, as we pulled up to the store, “Is this the Mall Mart?” The Mall Mart that is called Wal Mart.

Ana, after asking me what was on an index card (my weekly memory verse), “But grown ups don’t memorize verses!” Well, not in AWANA clubs. She’s right about that.

Emma to me, after we had been talking about who Ana’s teacher was, “Who MY teacher?” Me to Em, “You’ll get a teacher next year!” Pause. Em to me, “But who MY teacher?” Clearly, we’re not understanding the concept of “next year.”

Ana, yelling as Emma was praying over lunch in a super soft whisper, “God cannot hear you, Emma!” Thankfully, this didn’t stop Emma or encourage her to adjust her volume.

Emma to me, when I asked her where something went in her room, “Hmm… I no know WHERE it go!” I just love the way she talks!

Ana to me, “Can we have a little talk?” Me to Ana, “Sure we can. What do you want to talk about?” Ana to me, “Oh, about EVERYTHING.” Well, that won’t be a “little” talk now, will it?

Me to Emma, during one of my Mommy freak-outs, “You have the cutest little tummy!” Emma to me, “I have hair, too!” Way to know your best features, Emmy!

Ana to me, discussing the finer points of the “It’s a Small World” ride, “There is a hyp-uh-no-potamus (hippopotamus) and some hube-uh-luh (hula) girls.” Too bad there’s not a hyp-uh-no-potamus doing the hube-uh-luh dance…

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