We’re all excited about this cooler weather. So excited that even the dog is dancing! (Actually, we took this picture to show how much he’s grown recently.) Charlie has been in an exceptional mood with the weather change, bouncing around the house until I can take him out to walk. It’s a pleasant change from the whining, pano-stricken pup of the early summer. I know it won’t last long, so I’m expecting him to go back to hiding in his crate soon to avoid walking in the heat.

Speaking of exciting, we were finally able to figure out the whole dentist/insurance fiasco. Because our insurance’s in-network dentist doesn’t accept patients under the age of five and because we’ve been paying for coverage for both of our girls, the insurance company gave us the green light to go to an out of network dentist and still be covered under their plan. Woo-hoo! Wes and I still have to drive forever to go to the in-network dentist ourselves, but our girls will be able to go to a pediatric dentist in the next town. They have appointments set for next week, and I’m so thankful that our insurance is going to cover it.

Ana has been having a great time at school. She came home the other day telling me about “lower case letters” and the “title page” in her books. I’m amazed at how much she picks up and am almost always amused by her descriptions of things. “There was a loud sound, and we all got by the wall and bent over like this!” (Miming rolling into a ball with her hands over her head.) I’m pretty sure this was a tornado drill from the description!

Emma and I are having fun here at home while Ana is at school. We color, play with princesses, and, most importantly, never miss an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” Emmy really seems to enjoy this show, up until there is drama/Bridezilla behavior, then she says, “I no like this movie.” Me, neither. But when they come out in their dresses, she’s mesmerized. She seems to prefer the poofy, ball gown types of dresses, telling me, “That dress is SO pwetty!” Those are my favorite, too.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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