Yesterday, we went to the dentist.

Ana and Emma were both more excited about the dentist than they certainly will be in the years to come and marched right into the exam room without any hesitation. They were able to get a front x-ray of Ana’s teeth but refrained from doing the rest because the machine seemed to scare her. Both girls got their teeth brushed and flossed (all while wearing protective eye gear — ha!), and when the hygienist asked them who wanted to see the dentist first, Emmy shouted, “ME!” and climbed into the seat by herself. The dentist came in and counted both of the girls’ teeth, commenting that Emmy’s last two are still coming in. (Always looked to me like she had a ton of little teeth in there, so I was none the wiser that two of them are still working their way through.) Neither girl had any cavities, and both tolerated the fluoride treatment better than I thought they would.

So, whew! I had been sweating this visit, but it went better than I could have imagined. Hooray for two very brave girls!

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