The Good, the Bad

– I pulled out all of last year’s winter clothes yesterday to see what will still fit the girls. My conclusion? Nothing will still fit the girls. Bad.

– Fortunately, there were some bags of 4T clothing from my niece, and several pieces fit the girls. So perhaps a new wardrobe purchase is not on the horizon! Good.

– Emmy found a bottle of orange fingernail polish while helping me clean up the bathroom. She snuck it out and… well, you can guess the rest. Bad.

– While she managed to get some of the orange fingernail polish on her bed sheets, she showed me that it was all worthwhile when she held up fingers that were rather neatly painted. The girl just might have a future in cosmetology. (Which will be far more lucrative than her current aspiration — being a princess.) Good.

– Just when we thought he couldn’t mellow out anymore, Charlie has spent the better part of this week sleeping through everything. He usually greets me at the bedroom door every morning when I wake up, but this morning, he merely lifted his head up from his nap, gave me a bored look, and went right back to snoozing. (Well, I never…) Are we walking and running him too much? Bad.

– After three years of living here, we finally made it to the library and got a library card. (I know, I know…) The girls thoroughly enjoyed looking through books, checking out books, jumping up and down at the sight of so many books, and talking our ears off about books. I’m planning on taking them to the weekly storytime, now that they’re both old enough to be a part of it. (And hooray for Mommy, who can read all the books she wants! For FREE! Half Price Books may well go out of business, y’all.) Good. (Well, not good that they’ll go out of business. You know what I mean.)

– I had been walking Ana into the school every day, then going in and picking her up every afternoon after her class. After hearing that her cousin, Kendall, does the drop-off drive through thing at her preschool in Dallas, Ana told me that, “I can do it like Kendall.” So, we’ve been doing it that way. Wes took her one day and said he could hardly stand the sight of our tiny little girl walking up to the doors by herself with her backpack nearly swallowing her up whole, but she’s done fine. Bad? Good? I don’t know.

– Emma just came up to me, sans clothing, and told me, “I like bein’ nekkid.” Bad. Definitely bad. (But if this is part of her going potty all by herself, it can’t be all bad.)

Now to go and find her clothes…

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