Sundays are for Book Reviews: Radical

Sundays are for book reviews… or just invites to online book read-alongs!

I’ve never read Radical by David Platt, and normally, I wouldn’t review a book that I haven’t read. (Which is a smart move, I think.) I’m breaking the rules today, though, to let you know about an opportunity to read this book along with several other bloggers, discussing and chatting with one another back and forth through the process. I think the format is going to be pretty unstructured, so you can blog/not blog, chat/not chat, comment/not comment, etc. I would even say that reading/not reading is part of the whole package… but what would be the point of being a part of this if you’re not going to read the book, right?

I wavered back and forth between doing this and not doing this for quite some time, going as far as finding the book in a couple of different bookstores and debating whether or not to just go for it. I had all but figured that I was running out of time and wouldn’t do it until Wes told me, over breakfast one morning, “I’m reading a book that’s kicking my butt!” (You can quote him on that one.) Long story short, he suggested I read it, I asked what it was, and sure enough, it was Radical. So, it looks like my decision has been made!

If you want to take part in this read-along, go here to read all about it. Right now the group is just starting Chapter One… so you have time to jump in!

Happy reading!

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