Pish-Urs and Mickey’s Underwears

– Caption for the above picture… Emmy, “Take our pish-ur, Mommy!” Me to girls, “Okay, but I think you’re too close to the camera. The flash will make you blink!” Ana, “CHEESE!” Click. Mommy to girls, “Well, looky there. You were WAY too close to the camera.” Emmy to me, “Dat pish-ur so SILLY!” True.

– I put a bunch of my old pregnancy and infant care books in a box to take to Half Price Books. Ana saw what I was doing and feeling philanthropic said, “We should give these books to OLD people!” Because the senior crowd will appreciate the subject matter, I’m sure.

– After enduring fifteen minutes of car screaming and giggling, I finally told Emma that she needed to be quiet. A moment of silence followed, then Em began singing, “Nobody loves me…” And began laughing all over again.

– Ana to me, “Well, Mary was Jesus’s Mommy… who was His Papi?” Me to Ana, “God was His Papi.” Ana to me, “But Jesus IS God.” Me to Ana, “Yes.” Confused look. Oh, that I could explain it in four year old terms to you, Ana! (Or that I could explain it at all, actually.)

– Emma to me, “Animal fruit snacks, PLEASE.” Me to Emma, “It’s not time for a snack yet.” Emma to me, “But I will cry.” Because when you’re not getting your way, crying is the way to go, right? Wrong. Fallen from birth, I tell you!

– Ana, showing me a picture of three circles with circle eyes and a giant Mickey Mouse, “Here’s a picture of Emma and me with Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World!” Pointing to the third circle with eyes, “Who is this?” Ana to me, “That’s Mickey’s underwears.” Come to think of it, the buttons on his shorts do look like eyes!

Till next time…

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