Sweet but Strange

Sweet girls…

… and the strange things they say!

– Ana to me, “When you are old and sitting all alone on a bench because nobody likes you anymore, then I will say, ‘You can come and live with me!'” It’s good to know that I’ll be taken care of in my golden years… even if nobody likes me anymore.

– Me to a headless (yes) Jasmine doll, dressing her before reconnecting her head, “Time to get into your jammies, Jasmine!” Emma to me, super serious, “No! We not talk to her when her head is off.” Now I know the proper protocol for headless doll dressing.

– Me to Emma, “What will Ana wear at your wedding?” Emma to me, “A pink dress.” Me to Ana, “What will Emma wear at your wedding?” Ana to me, “A pair of star pants, my green shirt, and bags over her feet so that she will not get snow on them.” Say Yes to the Dress meets What Not to Wear.

– Me to Emma, after Ana accidentally stepped on her fingers, causing many, many tears, “Here, let me wipe your nose for you.” Emma to me, “No, I not done cryin’ yet!” Carry on, then.

– Ana to me, “Bumblebees do NOT make good pets. You know, because they like to STING a lot.” Sounds like a bad pet to me, too.

– Emma to me, after I told her that she couldn’t eat gummy worms at seven in the morning (seriously), “But I love you.” Wow. She’s good. (Still didn’t get the gummy worms, though.)

– Ana to Wes, as she looked into the full baptistry before Sunday morning’s service, “Papi, I don’t WANT to walk on water!” No need to worry about that.

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