Sundays are for Book Reviews: Taking Out Your Emotional Trash

Recently, I was given the opportunity to read and review Taking Out Your Emotional Trash by Georgia Shaffer. Honestly, I didn’t think I had any “emotional trash” that I needed to take out but felt like this would be a good book to add to my “ministry toolbelt.” I sure would be able to help others with their garbage after I read this book!

As it turns out, though, I was in the middle of reading this book when someone made a rude comment to someone I love. Here I was, someone without any emotional trash, pushing down anger even as cutting remarks were spewing from my mouth. What? You mean, THAT counts as emotional trash? It does, actually, and this is just one of the types of garbage that Ms. Shaffer discusses.

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash deals with the negative emotions we have and gives readers clear Biblical instruction on how to process these emotions. Using her expertise in psychology hand in hand with her faith as a believer in Christ, Mrs. Shaffer illustrates for readers how to work through feelings, correct negative responses, and learn how to build healthier relationships once the garbage is removed. I especially found the chapters on forgiveness helpful, as the process laid out in the book for truly forgiving wrongs done to us was so clear and easy to understand.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to better handle their emotions and feelings. The book isn’t bogged down with clinical terms that are difficult for those of us who don’t hold psychology degrees to comprehend but instead is clear, informative, and simple to understand.

Many thanks to Ms. Shaffer for allowing me the opportunity to review this book!

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