Hot Cross Buns

– Ana to Emma, as they were playing chase, “Chase me!” Then, when Emma got too close, “Run SLOWLY, Emma!” And she did.

– Ana to Emma, when the latter had a frog in her throat, “Cough! Cough!” Then, after Em stuck her tongue out and waved her arms around while coughing something awful, “Are you crazy?” Emma to Ana, “Yep.” But the wild gyrating did indeed clear out that frog.

– Me to Ana, after learning a new nursery rhyme for school, “What are hot cross buns?” Ana to me, “Stinky pants.” Em pointed to her own hot cross buns in response. Which weren’t stinky. But (no pun intended) still.

– Ana to me, regarding a song on the radio, “This is Jesus’s favorite song.” I’m sure the Lord does enjoy a little vintage Audio Adrenaline from time to time.

– Ana to Wes, “Last year I did not like you. But I like you now!” Good day for Wes.

– Ana to Emma, “Well, heaben is a good place, Emma. Jesus is there, sittin’ on a bench, and when something magical happens and makes us go to heaben, we get to HUG Jesus!” Emma to Ana, “I’s want to hug Jesus RIGHT NOW!” (Another piece of Faulkette theology is that Jesus will give them piggyback rides based on a sketch in one of their picture book Bibles.)

– Ana to Emma, while they were enjoying lollipops, “Sister, let me have a lick.” They exchanged them, licked, exchanged them again, and went right back to licking. One word, y’all — ewwww. (I’ve also seen them do this with toothbrushes. EWW.)

– Emma to me, as we were leaving for church, “Papi will FALL OVER!” Me to Em, “Why will he fall over?” Em to me, “Because we are SOOOO pretty!” The term “knock out” takes on a whole new meaning. (Papi did indeed clutch his heart and exclaim when he saw them.)

– Ana, handing me Sir Buttons, her stuffed dog with various snaps, ties, zippers, buttons, and clasps on his clothing, “Can you pull up his pants? No one wants to see his pretty purple underwears.” She’s quoting me there because I’ve said a million times, “Ana, sit like a lady. No one wants to see your underwear!” Glad to know she’s listening!

– Emma, squealing in her room, followed by Ana laughing uproariously. Finally went in to see what was happening, and Ana said, “Oh, Addison Campbell tells the FUNNIEST jokes!” Addison Campbell is Emma’s Cabbage Patch Newborn, and I suspect that Em was her puppeteer. Mommy had Miss Piggy, and Emmy has Addison Campbell…

– Emma, standing in the midst of total toy upheaval in the playroom, “It’s almost CLEEEEEAAAANNN!” Perhaps that tiny little circle she had cleared out for her feet was “clean,” but I quickly redirected her attention to the mounds of toys left everywhere else.

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

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