Sundays are for Book Reviews: The Adoption Decision

Are we adopting? Not right now. Will we ever adopt? We don’t know. Why did we read this book, then? Because we always want to be open to the possibility of growing our family through adoption. I’m not sure when or how or if, but I want to be informed and prepared, should that day come.

Laura Christianson’s book The Adoption Decision: 15 Thing You Want to Know Before Adopting is a good introduction to the emotional, logistical, and legal process of modern day adoption, both domestic and international. Christianson is the mother of two children, both of whom were adopted. She walks readers through her own personal story — a long battle with infertility, the decision to adopt, the difficult waits and disappointments, the adjustments, and the joys of watching her family grow as she and her husband brought their sons home. She’s candidly honest about the process and about the surprising attitudes she encountered from family, friends, and strangers alike. At times, she even seems bitter about the biases regarding adoption, and she left me (at least) wondering what I’ve said about adoption that might have (unintentionally) offended someone. Even so, her transparency is helpful, as it gives light to the full scope of the emotions involved with adoption.

While her use of paraphrases rather than direct translations of the Bible bothered me, I appreciated Christianson’s use of Scripture and her ability to direct readers’ thoughts back to the heart of God when considering adoption. The book was definitely written from a Christian perspective and didn’t hesitate to view the process through spiritual and evangelical eyes.

For those who are considering adoption but don’t know where to begin, this is a helpful guide. While the technical aspects aren’t discussed to great depth, they are mentioned, which is more helpful to those starting out than an exhaustive glossary of definitions and list of procedures. Begin here in your adoption journey!

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