An Offering of Anaisms

– While explaining the concept of Stranger Danger to Ana, we asked her, “What do you say if a stranger offers you candy?” Ana to us, “Thank you!” Us to Ana, “No, you should say NO! STRANGER DANGER!” Ana to us, “But I like candy.” (Who doesn’t?)

– Ana to me, while driving away from school one day, “I sat with Gabriel today. He’s my friend. I love him, and he loves me.” (We’re keeping an eye on you, Gabriel.)

– Ana, pointing to her fall festival tattoo, “Do you like my rat-a-toot?” (It was a beautiful rat-a-toot.)

– After Ana prayed that she would “follow God,” I asked her what it means to follow God. Her answer? “We get behind Him and watch where His big shoes are goin’.” (She meant it literally not metaphorically, but still!)

– Ana, when frustrated, “Pail of RATS!” (Which is far more terrifying than just “rats.”)

– Ana, praying over lunch, “And, God, I pray that You are having a good time.” (I’m sure God appreciates this.)

– Me to Ana, explaining why we needed to take Emma to the doctor, “We can’t figure out why she’s still sick. But the doctor will be able to. Doctors are smart.” Ana to me, “And other people are not.” (Other people being me, of course. And she’s right!)

– Ana to me, when we arrived at the doctor’s office, “Tell the doctor that it is the girl in the RED shirt (Emma) and NOT the girl in the BLACK shirt (Ana).” (She wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to get any kind of treatment!)

– Ana to me, “Are you going to be 42 on your birthday?” Me to Ana, “No.” Ana to me, “Oh.” Pause. “Are you going to be 100?” (So flattering.)

– Ana to me, after I fixed her a grilled cheese sandwich, “Mommy, you are the BEST!” (Oh, if only she was this easy to please for the rest of her life…)

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